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MEP Design

MEP Design

Smart MEP Design takes care of the conditions, functionality and usability of the property. With our proactive and responsible MEP Design, you can improve the safety, health and productivity of both users and the property.

MEP Design serve as the building’s nerve centre

Together, MEP Design services such as HVAC, electrical and building automation solutions ensure the functionality and safety of the building. With intelligent building services solutions, we help you to develop properties that operate energy-efficiently and productively throughout the lifecycle. We make sure that the indoor conditions of the property are pleasant and healthy.

Our MEP Design meets your goals

Do you want to invest in energy efficiency and responsibility? Does cost efficiency steer the choices? We identify your needs and work together to find the right options based on them. We use automation and Smart Building applications to improve the use and user experience of the property. With MEP Design engineering, we also see to energy efficiency and responsibility.

We support the energy efficiency of the property with, for example, scalable energy solutions and innovative energy recycling. In  energy efficiency projects, we are responsible for the entire process, from the identification of energy saving potential to the planning and monitoring of measures.  

Smart MEP Design anticipate and respond to user needs  

We design the building service so that they increase user comfort and make it easier for them to use the property. We help to create added value for property users, which is also reflected in productivity.

With smart building services, the automatic control of lighting and ventilation functions flexibly, for example. We make sure that the users of the property can influence the functionality and comfort of the building both through the choices they make in the premises and through smooth feedback.

MEP Design constantly collects data on the building’s conditions. With our digital property system, Granlund Manager, data is refined into useful reports for owners, users and maintenance. This facilitates the continuous optimisation of building services and makes the property more responsive to users’ needs. 

Harness MEP Design data to lifecycle management

With up-to-date information, you will manage your property more efficiently. As part of MEP Design engineering, we ensure that the property’s data flows digitally from the design phase to the construction and maintenance of the property. 

Our digital services will support you throughout the lifecycle of the property. We export the data directly to Granlund Manager so that the transition to the use and maintenance phase of the property is seamless. Optimally dimensioned maintenance is reflected in increased customer satisfaction and improved energy efficiency of the property.

With us, your building services will always be one step ahead.  

We help to make properties more responsible and productive. We are your partner in all MEP Design needs – from HVAC and electrical design to building automation, from tele and security design to fire prevention and refrigeration.  

We are involved in development projects in the building services sector and are determined to take the sector forward. Through our innovation and development activities, we deploy new solutions that will benefit your business.  We make sure that we always have the latest information on MEP Design and systems, as well as on different project types and implementation models, such as alliance and project management projects.

Make your property healthy with our high-quality indoor air surveys and repairs

It is important to proactively prevent indoor air problems and ensure that conditions remain at high quality with continuous measurements. With the help of our indoor air coordinator, you will identify the root causes of indoor air problems in properties and carry out cost efficient repairs.

Our indoor air measuring and monitoring service supports predictive property maintenance and confirms that repairs have been successful. The aim is to plan long-term maintenance and time repairs, so that the property stays highly profitable.

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