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Development projects

Development projects and pilot projects

In development projects and pilots, we pursue solutions that improve your competitiveness. We can carry out pilot projects using Lean procedures, develop information management processes or create new digital services in development projects.

Development projects and pilots strengthen competitiveness and leadership

We seek tangible solutions to the challenges of the real estate and construction industry. A development project can be part of the design assignment, or we can find the answer to a specific question. A pilot project can aim at maintaining information models, creating a Digital Twin of the building or developing Lean construction. We can also provide mentoring at the beginning of your development project and support cooperation between the different parties. We carry out both quick experiments and carefully specified pilot projects whose results will be scaled up later.

Development project and pilots experts from Smart Building to Lean construction

Development and innovation activity is part of our day-to-day work. Our experts are therefore familiar with the experimental culture in development projects, from MEP Design consulting to Lean construction and Smart Building. We also make use of our global cooperation network in gathering a suitable team. Our partners include both educational institutions and development ecosystems, such as BuildingSMART Finland and KIRAHub.

In development projects, we prepare new guidelines and standards that have impacts on the entire society through the real estate and construction sector. Read more about the standardisation of the data content of information models and about ventilation COVID-19 inspections that improve health safety.

Development projects and pilots improve productivity using Lean operating models

Often, the aim of a development project is to develop operating models and processes. We create policies in line with the Lean mindset and put them into practice. Management of change requires multi-level interaction with people, and workshops, for example, are a good way of developing things together. We also use a real-time overview in development and pilot projects, which makes decision-making easier. At the same time, we can monitor the impacts of choices on the building’s carbon footprint and lifecycle costs, for instance.

The development project and pilots contributes to the information management of the entire lifecycle of the building

Development and pilot projects aim at information management covering the building’s entire lifecycle, with equipment and design data relayed smoothly to building maintenance. The flow of information is promoted with digital delivery, among other means. The outcome of the project will not be a stack of paper, but an information system that makes information about the construction project available throughout the lifecycle of the property.

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