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Energy consulting

Energy consulting

Energy consulting is a field in which we have strong expertise, from improving the energy efficiency of buildings to modern production solutions. Contact us to find out together what opportunities the energy revolution will offer.

Decades of experience in energy consulting

The ongoing energy revolution will affect all of us as we move quickly away from fossil fuels to mitigate climate change. For organisations, this means new challenges, but above all opportunities, and our decades of experience in the energy sector and a strong insight into the future will help to perceive them.

With regard to energy consulting, we offer an extensive range of services from the energy efficiency and condition management of individual buildings to increasing operational efficiency. We use modern energy production solutions in our work. 

We are thoroughly familiar with technologies and methods that enhance energy efficiency and closely monitor their development. We can conceptualise and simplify complex things and choose the package from among countless options that best serves you and works now and in the future.

Energy consulting pays off for properties

Energy consulting offers a comprehensive approach to the best energy solutions in area- and property development, construction projects and property maintenance. In addition to energy, we pay attention to the longevity, maintenance, care and indoor environment of properties, which ensures lifecycle quality in construction. 

We are familiar with the needs of both large and small customers and are able to implement the right energy solutions for all sites, be they single apartment blocks, concepts suitable for several properties or the largest shopping centres in the country.

The energy sector also benefits from energy consulting

Our customers also include energy companies that need experience and insight into the big picture of energy production, energy networks and smart solutions for their business development.

The heating and cooling market is changing rapidly. We offer smart solutions for demand flexibility, recycling of waste energy flows and optimisation of bi-directional district heating at the system level, among other things.

Energy consulting is based on strong simulation expertise

Energy consulting is based on our strong simulation expertise. We use the most advanced digital tools in the simulation to minimise the investment and lifecycle costs of the property as well as energy consumption. 

In comparing energy efficiency options for building projects and in steering planning, for instance, we use multi-objective optimisation, which enables rapid and cost-efficient comparisons of a large number of alternative combinations. We use state-of-the-art MOBO energy optimisation, which is a modern and cost-efficient method for determining the energy and environmental solutions of buildings.

The Granlund AI Energy Survey is an automatic calculation tool that can be used for quickly determining the energy efficiency potential of a property or portfolio of properties. The system calculates and simulates the highest energy savings and potential emission reductions based on the data in the energy certificate.

Our strong process expertise is combined with our cost-efficient calculation, allowing us to efficiently apply the results of calculations and analyses to projects.

Our energy consulting services

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Teemu Salonen

Department Director, Consulting
Granlund Oy

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Business Development Director
Granlund Oy

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