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MEP Design consulting

MEP Design consulting

MEP Design consulting gives an extra boost to your business and provides you with valuable information on which to base your investments. Contact our experienced experts, and we will together survey the opportunities of your property.

Outlining the most profitable options

MEP Design consulting covers a wide range of advisory and guidance tasks in all areas of building services – be they energy systems, smart control solutions or the establishment of a data center.

The key task of the service is to outline options that support business operations in the best way possible. As consultants, we analyse different solutions and bring ready-made options and recommendations to support decision-making.

Take advantage of our strong expertise in building services and business

MEP Design consulting is strategic consulting. It is essential to choose a partner that understands not only the MEP design, but also the customer’s core business and the industry’s challenges. Our core competitive advantage is our diverse expertise: in addition to our technical expertise, our team also has strong business expertise. 

Our typical assignment is to assess the profitability and payback time of technical solutions and the required investments. The comparative calculations between the different options therefore effectively support the customer’s decision-making regarding the necessary investments.

Our expert consultants are also able to identify needs not associated with MEP design where we can support the customer. Such issues may arise, for example, in connection with structural and special systems.

MEP Design consulting pays off in numerous sites

Our typical MEP Design sites include shopping centres, commercial properties, shops, hotels, industrial buildings and residential buildings.

Our client could be the board of a housing company concerned about the cost of a planned sewer renovation, for example. Correspondingly, a person in charge of the maintenance of the properties of a global megacorporation could ask us for assistance because they do not have the time to take care of everything with the required level of quality.

In energy-related matters, MEP Design consulting is often connected to specifying the energy solutions to be made in a property from apartment buildings to shopping centres. The customer could, for example, have a need relating to energy savings or emission reduction, for which consulting pursues options.

A skilled consultant is well familiar with the energy systems on the market and, as an independent expert, can recommend the best-suited options for the site in question.

In MEP Design consulting, our companies also include companies that want to establish data centers in the best location for the company’s business. For example, we have participated in several projects in which existing warehouse halls have been converted into data centers.

Our MEP Design consulting services

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