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Lighting design

Lighting design

Our lighting designers highlight the best features of the built environment. Professional lighting design allows you to make premises atmospheric, improve the functionality of the building and increase the well-being of the users of the premises.

Lighting design makes the premises more atmospheric

Good lighting is functional and beautiful. Lighting design creates functional workspaces that support well-being, safe outdoor areas and atmosphere for places where people meet. Event lighting is a momentary delight, while permanent facade lighting or light art works have long-term effects on their surroundings in the dark.

We offer professional lighting design that meets your needs

Our lighting designers have the know-how and resources for projects of all sizes. We carry out design by separate assignments in the field of lighting alone and as part of Granlund’s wider design team. In addition to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, lighting design expertise can also be found in our other offices across Finland.

Our projects vary from overall concepts involving thousands of lighting fixtures to small technical details of individual facilities. Lighting offices and business premises and healthcare facilities is our core competence. The changing lighting needs of educational institutions and schools are also very familiar to us, as is the technical and artistic lighting of public sites and traffic terminal areas. We also have lighting design experience in the interior and exterior lighting of historical buildings.

Our lighting design combines creativity and technology

In lighting design, we combine creativity with our solid technical expertise and knowledge of construction and procurement methods. We also take into account the energy efficiency and lifecycle of lighting solutions in all of our projects. We visualise solutions using simulation and calculation software and interactive virtual models.

We always ensure a high-quality result in cooperation with the client, users, architects, interior designers and Granlund’s electrical design and audiovisual and presentation technology experts.

Our lighting design services

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Office and shop lighting
  • Hospital lighting
  • Exhibition, museum and art lighting
  • Facade lighting
  • Light art
  • Theatre lighting
  • Refurbishment of high-value lighting fixtures
  • Alignment of floodlights
  • Programming of lighting control systems
  • Lighting review
  • Lighting measurement, calculation and visualisation

Would you like discuss lighting in more detail?

Sanna Forsman

Lighting Designer
Granlund Oy

Jukka Huttunen

Project Manager
Granlund Oy

Jussi Kamunen

Senior Specialist
Granlund Oy

Tatiana Bibikova

Lighting design
Granlund Stockholm AB

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