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Extended reality

Extended reality

We believe that XR will have stronger role in all phases of construction projects. Our goal is to research and learn the potential applications of XR and how it can deliver tangible value to our industry.

Innovating extended reality

Extended reality, XR, has gained momentum in the last couple of years, with the metaverse becoming a more common term in our industry.

In Granlund, the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is not new, having been used and tested during the design and operations phases. We have developed our own prototypes and experimented in different scenarios.

For example, extended reality can be used to involve residents in planning and designing green infrastructure.

Below you can see our most recent projects.

Green Kalasatama

Green Kalasatama is an AR application that aims to support the planning and design of green infrastructure at an urban level. The idea is that urban planners as well as residents can have more influence in the planning of urban infrastructure. 

Green Kalasatama demonstrates an engaging and educative approach for resident participation with the use of AR technology. The mobile application allows users to place virtual green infrastructure elements, such as trees and bushes, in their surrounding area and provides information about their benefits in the urban environment. The pilot will be carried out in one of Kalasatama’s neighbourhoods, Sompasaari, with close proximity to the sea and densely built urban residential blocks. The pilot will invite local schoolchildren and other residents of the area to take a peek into the future with the Green Kalasatama application, and to voice their opinions on what the green area could look like.

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Francisco Forns-Samso

Director of Digital Business Design
Granlund Oy

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