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Energy planning

Energy planning

Expert energy planning lays the foundations for the energy-efficient construction and use of a property. In addition to the most advanced energy calculation in Finland, we provide experienced experts for practical implementation.

Energy planning of a property is good for expenses and the environment

Cost- and environmentally conscious property developers and property owners incorporate energy planning into the planning of construction projects. This way, energy solutions can comprehensively take into account the energy needs of the site and identify the most suitable energy sources for the purpose. With our energy planning services, you can also find the best options for minimising the lifecycle expenses and carbon footprint of the property.

In energy planning, we realise packages and concepts that meet your needs. We are capable of perceiving the necessary energy system from the networks of an individual property to area-specific energy solutions.

Our long-term experience and extensive expertise are our main competitive assets in energy planning. In addition to strong expertise in individual areas, we master the big picture from planning to implementation, which guarantees an outcome that works.

We cooperate closely with other planning sectors in energy planning. This makes it possible to integrate energy-related matters seamlessly as part of a successful outcome.

Energy planning is based on the industry’s best calculation tools

We use the industry’s most advanced calculation and simulation tools in energy planning. Thanks to our in-house development work, they are considerably faster than our competitors’ tools. This allows you to get more cost-efficient service without compromising on quality.

Simulation-based multi-objective optimisation can be used for finding the most suitable combinations and dimensions from thousands of possible energy solutions, minimising the consumption of outsourced energy, lifecycle expenses and emissions.

It is also necessary to be able to translate the calculation and simulation results into a concrete proposal that takes into account the technical feasibility and cost-efficient operation and maintenance of the system. You can count on our strong expertise in this respect as well.

The most suitable solutions for the customer

We carry out energy planning comprehensively for all of our customers. We have carried out the energy planning of several shopping centres, for example, comprehensively taking into consideration the energy needs of the site and the most suitable solutions for them. Energy planning is also necessary in commercial and industrial properties, to efficiently use the waste heat from production, for example.

We have also designed several projects for the public sector, both for municipalities and hospital districts. We have solid experience in the energy planning of ice sports arenas, swimming halls and other public buildings.

Our energy planning services

  • Energy calculations and analyses
  • Energy recycling and storage solutions
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Hybrid energy systems
  • Use of demand flexibility
  • Optimisation of energy consumption during use
  • MOBO (Multi-Objective Building Performance Optimization)
  • Technical simulation
  • Workshops
  • New energy solutions, such as heat pumps
  • Renewable energy solutions

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