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Operational assurance and commissioning

Operational assurance and commissioning

Systematic operational assurance and careful commissioning help you to ensure that the property functions as intended from day one. Good commissioning saves time and money now and in the future.

Ensure the functionality of the property with appropriate commissioning

An uninterrupted production facility. An incident-free data center. A shopping centre with comfortable indoor conditions. Only a properly functioning property is also profitable.

With operational assurance, you get a cost-efficient property and satisfied users

With accurate operational assurance and commissioning, we ensure that the property’s MEP design works together as it should. You can have peace of mind knowing that the property functions reliably and that the indoor conditions remain good. You will avoid unexpected repair and maintenance costs and keep energy consumption under control.

Ensuring the functioning of the property extends from design to maintenance

We delve into the objectives of your business and focus on the operating requirements of the property in operational assurance. The goals set for the property’s functioning, conditions and energy efficiency during the project design phase steer operational assurance.

From the quality assurance of MEP Design and supervision of implementation, we move towards commissioning, in which the functioning of equipment and systems is adjusted and verified through functional tests and test use. After commissioning, operational assurance continues with subsequent inspections and warranty-time monitoring. With our digital services, we monitor and supervise the conditions and functioning of the property throughout its lifecycle.

We customise the commissioning solutions according to the site

The design and construction involve a large number of actors, each of whom has an important role to play in the completion of the project. There are numerous technical systems and equipment. Careful commissioning ensures that they work seamlessly together.

We always customise the commissioning services for each site. For example, the commissioning of a data center is a completely different process from that of a commercial or office property.

The more complicated the technical processes, such as demanding cooling and electrical systems, or the higher the requirements for the reliability of the site, the more the importance of commissioning is emphasised. With commissioning, we ensure that the site functions as planned, also in exceptional situations.

Our extensive team of experts is at your side

Our MEP design, construction management and supervision and property management professionals provide operational assurance and commissioning services based on your needs. We also have long-standing experience in commissioning technically demanding sites, such as data centers and industrial facilities.

Can we help you to make sure that your property functions as intended?

Our services related to operational assurance and commissioning

Operational assurance and commissioning are a worthwhile investment

  • You can ensure that the MEP design works
  • You can improve cost efficiency throughout the property lifecycle
  • You can take care of the property’s good indoor conditions
  • You can keep you energy consumption in control and reduce your property’s carbon footprint

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