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Energy management services

Energy management services

Energy management services help to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill. Take control of the MEP design of your properties and improve their comfort.

Energy management services provide the management of property portfolios with new power

Energy efficiency plays an important role in modern property portfolio management and development. Energy consumption should be monitored and analysed efficiently. At the same time, energy efficiency should be developed in a coordinated and planned manner, following up on new opportunities and solutions emerging in the sector. In the middle of the day-to-day hustle and bustle, multiple sites and diverse goals, this may seem challenging.

Granlund’s energy management solutions are the solution to these challenges. The services are aimed at goal-oriented and responsible property portfolio owners interested in strengthening energy efficiency that want to develop their sites’ economic efficiency, value, environmental responsibility and practical conditions.

Granlund’s energy management services are comprised of high-quality expertise and versatile modern solutions in the fields of energy management, MEP design and digital property services.

Obvious cost savings and smaller carbon footprint

Systematic energy monitoring and active development measures directly reduce energy consumption and achieve obvious savings.

Environmental responsibility is an essential part of modern property management. Improving energy efficiency is clearly reflected in the carbon emissions of the sites, supporting carbon neutrality goals, and also directly in the value of the sites.

Healthy and more valuable properties

Developing energy efficiency enhances the value of properties throughout their lifecycle. Energy efficiency creates better conditions for users and is tangibly reflected in the condition, appeal and longevity of the properties.

Effortless property management

We take care of monitoring and analysing energy data on your behalf, as well as identifying, prioritising and managing the necessary development activities. We make sure that development activities are based on a clear overview of the situation. In addition, we provide mentoring in long-term design and innovation.

Our energy management services

Clear-cut service packages for different baseline situations and objectives

1. Getting the monitoring of energy and MEP design in order and putting data to use

We make sure that energy measurements and MEP design work, and energy monitoring facilitates efficient development work.

2. Bringing energy efficiency to the next level

We take the analysis and development of energy efficiency to a more goal-oriented and long-term level.

3. Long-term strategic energy management

We help to create strategies and road maps and put them into practice. We develop business intelligence, procurement and innovative solutions together.

Easily start collaboration

1. Baseline survey

We always launch the cooperation by carrying out a baseline survey of your sites. We find out the relevant information about the baseline situation, prepare plans concerning the necessary measures and secure the prerequisites for cooperation.

2. Ensuring data monitoring

The development of energy efficiency is based on data that facilitates effective monitoring and analysis. Measurement and data collection can be implemented flexibly through a variety of systems and solutions, as long as we ensure that the data is effectively available.

3. Agreeing on the cooperation model and kick-off

Continuous collaboration aiming at the concrete development of energy efficiency is launched with a multidisciplinary cooperation meeting in which we smooth practices, operating models and the roles of the different parties.

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