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Granlund’s annual report 2023

Granlund Group’s annual report provides an overview of our key events from 2023. Read more about Granlund’s growth, internationalisation, innovation activities and sustainability.

Granlund – Towards a sustainable and smart future. Together.

Established in 1960, Granlund is an expert company operating in the real estate and construction sector, whose goal is to make properties smarter and more functional as well as improve the well-being of people in the built environment. We employ over 1,400 experts, mainly in Finland although we also have offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

We want to develop productivity and digitalisation, energy solutions and sustainability in the real estate and construction sector. Our business areas comprise design, services and consultancy, construction management and supervision, software and property management.

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Our business areas

EngineeringServices and consultancyConstruction management and supervisionSoftwareProperty management
We are the Finnish market leader in MEP design.

Technical building systems ensure the functionality and safety of the building an play an important role in improving energy efficiency, for example.

Our areas of expertise cover several areas of specialisation and we also provide architectural and structural design.

We offer property, energy and sustainability consultancy for existing properties and construction projects alike.

We support our customers with the green transition and help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Our property management consultants can help with managing the technical lifecycle of properties.

Construction management is one of our strongest growth areas. Our expertise covers construction management, supervision as well as project management services. We can also help with operational verification and commissioning on the threshold of project completion.

In addition, we provide cost control and calculation services as well as 4D planning to support scheduling.

Our main software is Granlund Manager. The most popular property management software in Finland, it can be used to monitor, e.g. property maintenance and energy consumption. The software concentrates all essential property data in one place.

Granlund Designer is a construction data standardisation and management tool. It introduces transparency into construction projects.

We provide property management services in Finland via Granlund Isännöinti.

Our services include the housing company’s responsible property manager, financial administration services as well as technical property management.

We also provide expert services to support the housing company’s renovation design.

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Key figures

Granlund achieved a positive result in the challenging market situation of 2023. The Group’s net sales increased by 8% year-on-year to EUR 139.3 million. The operating profit was EUR 12.7 million. While the company did not quite manage to reach its growth targets, the overall result was quite good.

Specialisation and focus on MEP-oriented projects, such as energy renovations, data centers and hospitals, also bore fruit in the more challenging market. There was also strong demand for property management services as well as sustainability and energy consulting. Granlund also continued its significant investments in digital solutions, which is evident in the record-breaking growth of the software business, for example.

Granlund had 1,423 employees at the end of 2023, an increase of 65 from the previous year. We paid our personnel performance bonuses amounting to EUR 3 million in total.

This good result was achieved with hard work and an active approach, for which we would like to thank all of our experts.

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund
In 2023, Granlund’s net sales increased by 8% year-on-year to EUR 139.3 million.
In 2023, Granlund’s net sales increased by 8% year-on-year to EUR 139.3 million.

CEO’s review

During the year, the media painted a grim picture of the real estate and construction sector. The reality was sunnier, at least as far as we are concerned.

Even though the total volume of construction and person-years decreased for the first time in more than 10 years, the slowing down of the market mainly applied to the housing sector, which is a minor branch of activity for Granlund. The total volume of construction remained significant and we continued to achieve growth in some business areas.

A good year despite the uncertainty

Due to high inflation and interest rates, the market was characterised by uncertainty, and there were barely any major M&A transactions in the real estate and construction sector. The situation was toughest for startups and building development companies whose operations and investments rely on financing. Bankruptcies became more commonplace in the contractor sector, with design firms also going through change negotiations. All real estate and construction industry operators took a hit in the stock market.

Granlund’s CEO Pekka Metsi
Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

Although the general market situation in the construction industry made it hard for us to meet our goals and the growth was more modest than anticipated, we managed to get through the year with some local adjustment measures only. For instance, it was decided to merge the operations in the Jyväskylä area with the Kuopio business unit in Finland. The results were still good in many places, including Ostrobothnia, Lapland and Greater Helsinki.

The employment situation in our Group remained at a surprisingly healthy level throughout the year. We even achieved growth through a pair of domestic acquisitions: in the autumn, the Granlund family was joined by Projektivisio from Tampere and Arkkitehtitoimisto ON Oy from Kuopio.

The total volume of construction remained significant and we continued to achieve growth in some business areas.

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

Specialisation in demanding projects paid off

In a challenging market situation, our business model proved its worth. Specialisation in technically challenging renovation projects as well as data centers, hospitals and energy projects bore fruit. And once again, our regular customers proved to be our strength. Many customer relationships grew, and we managed to make partnerships tighter through framework agreements, for example.

With the public construction sector remaining active throughout the year, we were involved, e.g. in many life cycle projects, significant new public projects as well as renovation projects. We also kept ourselves busy on the data center front, with commerce and security projects as well as energy and security services. The health and social services reform was evident in our order book everywhere in Finland, with new hospital projects still launching even though the greatest period of growth is over.

Software products and software integrations kept setting sales records this year. The trend was also positive in continual services and property management, not forgetting architectural design and structural design, which are more of a new territory for us.

Cooperation and partnership models

On the project side, we took part in modern cooperation, such as alliances and other collaborative construction projects, and the key players in the field worked together in many development projects. Key amongst them were the continuing operations of the MEP 2030 consortium (in Finnish), while the Building2030 programme also expanded through new operators. And so, MEP is taking a bigger role in the construction sector and simultaneously strengthening our position in the value chain.

Appreciation for good design seems to be increasing in the industry. Many clients have come to realise that they will get better results with standardised teams and mutual operating models, especially if the parties are also committed to developing the operations. Partnerships come to the fore in MEP, where a wide range of different systems and equipment need to be integrated. The technology is developing at a breakneck pace and requires the contributions of multiple parties.

Ready for internationalisation

During the year, we clarified our group structure by merging regional subsidiaries into the parent company. Our aim is to expedite internationalisation in accordance with our new Plan G+ strategy. Having one company provides a stronger base for global mergers and acquisitions. The time is also ripe for internationalisation as the market is fluctuating and it is easier to make large acquisitions now than during boom.

On the global market, our goal is to “do what Granlund does” and build similar synergy layers and partnerships as in Finland. We create added value for our partners around the globe, specifically in hospital, data center and energy projects. The opportunities are also there for our software and data know-how. We have ourselves expanded our operations from an engineering firm to a software company, which means that we are well-positioned to guide others in the development of new business.

Digital and sustainability trends continue

The real estate and construction sector is still affected by the same trends as in the last few years. Key themes include the green transition, the ESG classification related to sustainable investment as well as the EU taxonomy. We helped our customers with designing and implementing energy saving programmes as well as measures to react to the dynamic energy market and drastic fluctuations in the price of electricity.

Granlund reorganised its Finnish organisation, with the Group’s 12 subsidiaries merging with the parent company in October 2023. The goal of the merger was to streamline the ownership structure and prepare for internationalisation.

Granlund becomes one company in Finland

Granlund reorganised its Finnish organisation, with the Group’s 12 subsidiaries merging with the parent company in October 2023. The goal of the merger was to streamline the ownership structure and prepare for internationalisation.

Another trend still going strong in the sector is business intelligence. We contributed to the trend by establishing the Data Office organisation to help our business units with data flow and the use of AI, both in internal processes and customer projects. The measures we took to promote data sharing and data transfer in projects included Big Room solutions and dynamic reporting tools. We also participated in data standardisation development projects.

Having one company provides a stronger base for global mergers and acquisitions.

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

2024 is all about opportunities

At the end of 2024, the market situation is projected to take a turn in a positive direction, which is welcome news for the real estate and construction sector at large as well as Granlund itself. High interest rates, inflation and cautious real estate developers will surely remain a feature this year, but I believe that we will be fine doing what we have been doing so far. We have already lined up several important projects for 2024 as well as continuous customer relationships and the development of operations.

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

Strategy and operating environment

A new version of Granlund’s strategy, Plan G+, was released in the spring of 2023. As a rule, the strategic goals remain unchanged. In the coming years, we will continue to focus on productivity, sustainability, creating the best possible workplace and global growth. In the future, our business operations will continue to be based on the partner model, i.e. cooperation with our nearly 300 owners.

The plus sign after the name of the strategy marks a bolder policy in terms of internationalisation. By 2027, Granlund is aiming to achieve net sales of approximately EUR 350 million and increase its personnel to over 3,000. It requires significant global mergers and acquisitions.

In 2023, preparations were made to expedite internationalisation by means of changing the Group structure. All of the 12 regional subsidiaries in Finland merged with the parent company, with only Granlund Isännöinti Oy and the overseas companies remaining as independent businesses. The Group reorganisation facilitates M&A transactions and thereby expedites internationalisation. The M&A transactions are initially aimed at expanding in Scandinavia, with select European countries to follow in the next phase.

The Group reorganisation does not have an effect on the daily life of business units. A local presence, customer service and decision-making will remain Granlund’s strengths in the future. Each business unit also sets its own strategic targets.

Each business area set its own strategic targets.

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

MEP design – sustainable construction

Granlund remained a market leader in MEP design. The measures taken to support design projects during the year included sustainable construction services, quantity and cost calculation as well as 4D planning. Granlund also provided comprehensive MEP services for building development and energy projects.

In the future, the objective of MEP design is to create solutions for the green transition, digitalisation and improving productivity. Productivity in the real estate and construction sector will only improve once the operating models are backed by data. The significance of MEP design is highlighted by urbanisation and denser man-made environments. Properties increasingly require technology that ensures both indoor conditions and energy efficiency.

Construction management and supervision – for better productivity

The net sales of construction management and supervision increased during the year and Granlund has become a strong local project management operator. Internal cooperation between different business units ensures that customers will get to enjoy the same high quality of construction services everywhere in Finland.

The key strategic goal of construction management and supervision is to improve productivity in the sector. The development of operating models is aimed at getting the implementation of construction projects right straight away. Indeed, Granlund’s experts prefer to contribute more to the implementation stage and help contractors plan the order of tasks as well as the circulation of materials on the site in a smarter way.

Consulting services – sustainability and energy

Our range of consulting services increased in several customer relationships. The increase was clear in the energy and sustainability services. Partnerships were strengthened and productisation opened up new customer relationships. Granlund produced the greatest added value in comprehensive energy management, optimising future investment needs and ensuring the functionality of technology. For example, the benefits of the services were evident to customers in a quality indoor environment.

Now and in the future, Granlund’s strength is promoting the green transition through sustainable construction, energy management and property management consulting. We offered customers support in improving energy efficiency, assessing the impact of emissions as well as comprehensive sustainability and emission control.

Software and data operations – efficient data flow

The strategic goal of the software and data operations is to use data to increase profitability in the real estate and construction sector. Demand for various data flow-related integration solutions increased faster than the SaaS business. Regardless, growth was also evident in traditional software products. We were able to attract new customers, especially from the public sector. Many customers also replaced their systems or introduced new features. We also expanded our software support and parallel services.

Property management – a profitable business

2023 was a pivotal year for property management. The trend of the operations has turned to moderate growth as the initial challenges have been met and dealt with. The business operations of Granlund Isännöinti have reached a profitable level.

Granlund Data Office develops a data-driven approach

Established in early 2023, the Granlund Data Office team develops the data-driven approach of the company and its different businesses as well as the use of AI. The backdrop is Granlund’s strategy, a change in Granlund’s own modes of operation as well as the digitalisation of the real estate and construction sector. The operations enhance, e.g. data flow as well as the utilisation of AI and the data generated by data models.

The team is tasked with assisting different business units with the management of the data flows and databases used. To Granlund’s customers, it is visible in the form of consistent and visual Power BI reporting, for example. Reliable, deeply data-driven reports support customers with various data management challenges.

Established in early 2023, the Granlund Data Office team develops the data-driven approach of the company and its different businesses. The backdrop is Granlund’s strategy, a change in Granlund’s own modes of operation as well as the digitalisation of the real estate and construction sector.

The data-driven approach benefits all business areas, but it brings special benefits to continual services. Large volumes of data are processed in energy management and to ensure operations, for instance. Granlund’s other data-driven services include 4D planning, HVAC calculation register and AI Energy Survey. The data-driven approach enables increased productivity and new business.

Data Office develops a data-driven approach together with different businesses, innovation departments and development teams. Different businesses have set their own targets, while the company at large has strategic indicators to monitor progress. In 2024, new services will be added to the data-driven approach as well as internal tools to improve the quality and productivity of expert work. What is more, employees come up with new ideas on ways to utilise data, for example, in the internal Data Challenge competition.

Our operations are informed by sustainability

An important part of our strategy, sustainability informs the development of Granlund’s operations. Along with profitability, creating the best possible workplace and global growth, sustainability is one of the upper-level targets specified in Granlund’s strategy. 

At the background of sustainability work are the factors identified in strategy work that influence change: sustainable growth, climate change, aging of the population, digitalisation and urbanisation. These factors also steer our innovation and development activities. By creating new solutions together with its customers, Granlund helps solve the requirements arising from the real estate and construction sector’s green transition and sustainability.  

Our daily work is informed by Granlund’s values, Ethical Ground Rules, good governance, various internal policies as well as ISO-certified quality (ISO 9001) and environmental systems (ISO 14001).  

An important part of our strategy, sustainability informs the development of Granlund’s operations.

Corporate responsibility is the responsibility of each Group company’s Board of Directors and CEO. Their duty is to ensure that the business opportunities and risks brought about by sustainability are taken into account in the short and long term and reflected in the company’s strategy. Corporate management is responsible for seizing business opportunities, mitigating risks and making sure that employees are familiar and comply with their internal and external obligations.

Internal corporate responsibility work is led by the Quality and Sustainability Director, supported by the Sustainability Manager. Steered by the Quality, Sustainability and Risks steering group, the work is carried out in close cooperation with experts working at the customer interface. The wide range of sustainability challenges faced by customers are tackled under the leadership of the director of the energy and sustainability business and the Development Manager of the sustainability business.


In accordance with the CSRD, Granlund has conducted a materiality analysis that will be supplemented by stakeholder interviews in 2024. Our own employees are amongst Granlund’s most important stakeholders. Granlund the company is owned by its employees. Granlund wants to be the best possible workplace and invest in good management, fair and equal treatment as well as the development of expertise. Healthy, happy, competent and motivated employees are in a key position to provide our customers with quality, expert and flexible service.

By providing healthy and safe premises, Granlund has n indirect influence on a large number of users of premises. Granlund actively develops new solutions together with other industry operators and wants to lead the way in the green transition and sustainability of the real estate and construction sector. Both through its own activities and customer work, Granlund is able to greatly contribute to the well-being of the environment. 

The three themes of the sustainability programme

Granlund’s sustainability programme is built on the basis of our mission: We create well-being for people, buildings and the environment. These three themes constitute sections of Granlund’s sustainability reporting.

For more information regarding Granlund’s economic responsibility and social responsibility, please see sections Key figures and Personnel, respectively.

In 2023, Granlund promoted sustainable operations with regard to all of the three themes. In addition to measures, the table below describes the sustainability goals and realised goals in 2023. The sustainability indicators are part of our strategic indicators, which are primarily monitored on a quarterly basis. For the applicable parts, our sustainability goals are also included in the goals of our strategic projects. 

Our sustainability programme themes, goals and realised goals

For buildings

For the environment

For people

main goal
We invest in innovation activities, support training and research in the industry and create value for the property ownerWe lead the way in energy efficiency and the promotion of carbon neutrality in the sectorFor us, people are the main character – both as employees and as users of premises

measures 2023
Record number of innovation and development projects launched

Revit BIM template shared with industry operators free of charge

Survey on the digital maturity of the real estate and construction industry

Becoming a member of KIRAHub

Record number of internship applications received through cooperation with students and educational institutions

SBTi goals internally approved

Decision made to increase the commute balance as of the start of 2024

Carbon handprint calculation expanded

Low-carbon design training organised

Market research on environmental responsibility implemented

A report was drawn up on the carbon footprint and material content of MEP systems for the Ministry of the Environment
Diversity and inclusion work group started its operations

Theme of the Well-Being at Work Year reminds us to manage our lives holistically

Career path model piloted

Mentoring programme provided

Initial results of the E3 research project published

Mad@work project ended

indicator and realisation 2023
Customer satisfaction NPS: 68

Development of external financing of innovation activities: increasing

Development of the volume of innovation and development activities: increasing
Carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3):
1,575 t CO2e

Employee Net Promoter Score eNPS: 50

Personnel turnover: 5.2

Development of the amount of training: *)

*) There is no comparable information available due to the change of LMS

In 2023, we promoted the ‘Well-being for people’ theme of the sustainability programme through the following measures: developing our diversity and inclusion work, the well-being at work theme year, piloting the career path model as well as the mentoring programme. The strategic indicators of the ‘Well-being for people’ theme include the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), personnel turnover and development of the amount of training. The eNPS and personnel turnover both show a positive trend. There is no comparable data available regarding the development of the amount of training due to the change of LMS. 

Customer satisfaction and the development of the sector are key to the ‘Well-being for buildings’ theme of the sustainability programme. Granlund invests in innovation and development projects, of which there was a record number in 2023. In addition, a significant contribution to the development of the sector was sharing the Revit BIM modelling template with the sector free of charge. Granlund does active work with educational institutions, such as giving lectures. Thanks to our close cooperation with educational institutions, we received a record number of internship applications. Granlund’s customer satisfaction has remained at a high level year after year: in 2023, the NPS figure measuring customers’ willingness to recommend Granlund, was 68. The external financing and volume of our innovation activities show a positive trend.  

Granlund’s activities have a significant impact on the environment, both through Granlund’s own operations and customer work. We will take a closer look at the ‘Well-being for the environment’ theme in the following sections.  

We systematically maintain the carbon neutrality of our own operations

Granlund takes into account the well-being of the environment, both in customer work and its own operations. Granlund helps its customers adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce their carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of the property. With regard to its own operations, Granlund is committed to carbon neutrality, which it already achieved in 2021 by reducing the environmental effect of its operations and providing additional carbon offsets. Granlund maintains the carbon neutrality of its own operations through systematic carbon neutrality work guided by the carbon neutrality road map. Granlund is also committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).  

Emissions from commuting are Granlund’s most significant emission source. To cut the resulting emissions, Granlund supports sustainable commuting by providing commuter benefits and company bicycles. The employees can also take advantage of the shared cars, bicycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters intended for travel during the working day. In 2023, as part of the work to determine the SBTi goals, the management worked specifically on sustainable commuting methods. One concrete measure resulting from this is an increase in the commuter benefit: at the start of 2024, the commuter benefit was increased by 33% to support the transition from private car use to public transport.  

Granlund’s own properties use renewable electricity and green district heating. Many of the offices produce solar energy. 

Total emissions showed a moderate decrease

Granlund calculates its carbon footprint according to the GHG protocol. The GHG protocol is an internationally acknowledged calculation standard that divides emissions into three scopes. Granlund’s calculation includes direct emissions (Scope 1), the indirect emissions of purchased energy (Scope 2) and other indirect emissions essential to Granlund (Scope 3). 

65% of Granlund’s company cars are electric

In 2023, Granlund’s total carbon footprint (Scope 1+2+3) was 1,575 t CO2e (2022 1,590 t CO2e). Absolute total emissions decreased by 1% and the total emissions relative to the net sales decreased by 9%.

In 2023, the absolute district heat consumption increased, which was reflected in an increase in purchased electricity and heat, i.e. Scope 2 emissions.

Scope 1 emissions, i.e. emissions from company vehicles, continued to decrease as the company car fleet became greener. 65% of Granlund’s company cars are electric.

In terms of Scope 3 emissions, the increase in business activity was also reflected in commuting and business trips, the emissions of which increased. On the other hand, emissions from purchased products and services declined. 

Scope 1+2 emissions in 2021–2023

Carbon handprint calculation expanded

Granlund’s operations have a big impact on reducing customers’ carbon footprint. That is why Granlund’s goal is to measure the positive climate effect of our customer work through the carbon handprint. So far, the strategic metric only includes carbon footprint but the development of a systematic calculation method is also aimed at making the handprint effect visible.

Granlund has devised a method to calculate its own carbon handprint. 2023, the carbon handprint was calculated on the basis of nine different service categories as well as 169 projects. On the basis thereof, the realised handprint of Granlund’s customer work in 2022 was 17,358 t CO2e and its potential handprint for 2022 was 624,404 t CO2e. In other words, the impact of Granlund’s carbon handprint is highly significant. 

Realised carbon handprintPotential
carbon handprint
16917,358 t CO2e624,404 t CO2e
The realised carbon handprint was calculated on the basis of realised services or projectsThe potential carbon handprint is an opportunity identified by the company’s services to reduce the customer’s emissions
Additional information on calculating the carbon handprint

The strategic low-carbon design project is also linked to increasing the carbon handprint. In 2023, the project organised five low-carbon training sessions for designers, for example.  

Mölnlycke’s energy efficiency project is also the recipient of the Vuoden Energianerokas 2023 (Energy Genius of the Year) award 

Granlund’s solutions help customers reduce their carbon footprint, which in turn increases Granlund’s carbon handprint.

For example, the amount of energy saved by utilising the excess heat arising from production at Mölnlycke’s plant equals the annual consumption of approximately 240 single-family homes. This is made possible by Granlund’s work: the concept design, technical design, project management, responsible supervision, construction supervision and MEP monitoring of a process heat recovery solution.

The solution was the winner of the 2023 Energianerokas award

Mölnlycke’s plant in Mikkeli won the Energianerokas 2023 award for its process heat recovery solution. Pictured: Olli Tirkkonen, Antti Wiksten and Tommi Salonen.
Olli Tirkkonen, Granlund; Antti Wiksten, Technical Manager, Mölnlycke; Tommi Salonen, MEP Specialist.

Business overview

Granlund made a good result in 2023, considering the challenging market situation in the real estate and construction sector. Strong customer relationships and special expertise support good business, even in difficult times. Compared with the previous year, the customer segments remained very similar.

In design, project sizes decreased and renovation came to the fore

Granlund’s design operations had a good year, considering the challenging sector and market situation. In the previous year, we got involved in important projects that created a solid foundation for the order book. The operations remained at a healthy level in many business units, including the Helsinki, Vaasa and Lappeenranta regions. Nonetheless, some operations needed to be adjusted.

The size of design projects decreased during the year, while the percentage of renovation increased. The cautiousness of the market was mainly in evidence in the private sector, project development and housing construction, which makes up a small part of the design net sales at approximately 4%. In the spring, there was considerable uncertainty in terms of launching new projects. However, as the year progressed, the situation became clearer.

Local recruitment continued throughout the year even though the growth was somewhat short of the targets. Finding designers was easier than in previous years, specifically for certain specialist roles. That said, change negotiations were not entirely avoidable.

In the previous year, we got involved in important projects that created a solid foundation for the order book.

MEP design has been the cornerstone and success factor of Granlund’s operations for over 60 years. Even though the general market situation made it harder to stay competitive, the sales successes of the previous year carried over. Retained long-term customer relationships also contributed to the steady workload.

The merging of Granlund’s regional subsidiaries with the parent company was particularly visible in MEP design as the service is used by all business units. Merging the subsidiaries under one company is going to further facilitate cooperation between designers and resource coordination between different regions.

During the year, the electrification of society and the green transition were highlighted, with demand for Granlund’s electrical design increasing. The green transition was promoted, e.g. in the energy efficiency and alteration projects of properties and industrial facilities. In addition to design, the department specialising in energy efficiency projects provided customers with project management services using the EPCM model, for example.

One of the most important acts contributing to the advancement of the MEP sector was sharing the Revit BIM template with other industry operators free of charge. The ready-made template supports the digitalisation of the sector as the initial investment required to draw one up is prohibitively high for many small design firms. Standardised data content improves data flow and makes it possible to adopt several new operating models. For example, the new Building Act, which will enter into force in 2025, will significantly increase the data content and BIM requirements pertaining to projects.

In 2024, the goal is to increase the design services offered to industrial customers all over Finland. Long-term cooperation with operators such as ABB and Wärtsilä creates a good foundation for expertise and operations.

In addition to MEP design, Granlund provides its customers around Finland with architectural design, structural design as well as several special design services:

Lighting design
Audiovisual and presentation technology design
Tele and security design
Cleanroom design
Fire safety technology design
• Refrigeration technology design
• Catering and kitchen design
Medical equipment design
• Electrical supply verification design.

During the year, architectural design expanded from the Mikkeli and Saimaa business units to Kuopio and the structural design cooperation between the Mikkeli and Saimaa units was increased.

Granlund’s special design had a good year, improving its market position. In many cases, special design is provided in projects as part of MEP design. However, the expertise was also provided in independent projects during the year. The good results are based on strong expertise in the fields of special design as well as personal brands. Strong bonds of trust have been formed between customers and Granlund’s top experts.

During the year, refrigeration design merged with Granlund’s energy efficiency project design department, which supports the comprehensive energy design services. During the year, Granlund’s catering and kitchen design team oversaw a successful generational change, with several young experts now continuing the work of the old guard.

The fastest growth rate of the hospital design sector is over as the majority of Finland’s university hospital and central hospital reforms have now been completed. In the next few years, our designers will be kept busy by the largest project in our company’s history, Laakso Hospital. 

The wellbeing services county reform will change the traditional hospital design customer relationships because, in the future, healthcare facilities will be increasingly built on the basis of the lease project model. Granlund’s customers will then more frequently include real estate investors and construction companies. There are still investments planned, e.g. for Tampere (Tays), Oulu (OYS) and Kuopio (KYS). What is more, the City of Helsinki has selected Granlund to design, e.g. the health and well-being centres in Kamppi and Malmi. 

That said, the reduction in major hospital projects was reflected in Granlund’s medical equipment design order book. With hospital construction largely revolving around technically less challenging health and well-being centres and psychiatric hospitals, there was not as much demand for fixed hospital equipment design. The sector had to take small-scale adjustment measures. 

The future of hospital design is created through internationalisation. Granlund’s brand recognition is increased, for example, by the companies’ cooperation team in the IHDA alliance, which exports Finnish hospital expertise abroad. Granlund’s expertise includes especially hospital and cleanroom MEP design

Over the last year, a lot has happened on the data center market. Global operators received a clear message of the opportunities provided by Finland when Microsoft decided to establish data center campuses in three different localities. Interest was increased further by government’s tax decisions that reduce the operating cots of data centers. Demand for data center construction was also increased by the development of AI and other forms of digitalisation, which is showing no signs of slowing down. 

The net sales of Granlund’s data center sector continued to grow. The most significant growth occurred in global cloud service providers’ projects (hyperscalers). Data center users, tenants and constructors, such as our framework agreement partner CSC, continued to be important customers. In the future, we will continue to provide agile services for companies of different sizes. 

Granlund’s strength is the comprehensive nature of its design and consulting services. New experts were recruited for the data center team, in addition to which both external trusted partners and Granlund’s cleanroom and industrial environment design expertise were put to good use in data center design. 

In 2024, the strongest global growth is projected to take place in Sweden. We will also continue our data center projects in Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia. 

Our key design customers

  • Senate Properties: framework agreement, multiple sites
  • City of Helsinki: framework agreement; the MEP design, energy design and lifecycle design of Laakso Hospital; the HVAC and building automation design of the Kamppi health and well-being centre; presentation technology design for Finlandia Hall
  • HUS: framework agreement and Laakso Hospital (jointly with the City of Helsinki)
  • Kesko: framework agreement for MEP design and energy efficiency projects
  • CSC – IT Center for Science: framework agreement and the LUMI data center
  • YIT: projects including New Nokia Oulu Campus, Seinäjoki station area
  • S Group: a regular long-term customer
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company: a regular long-term customer
  • ABB: a regular long-term customer

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HVAC design, Electrical design, Tele and security design, MEP Design, Building automation design, Lighting design


Hospitals and healthcare

The OYS 2030 programme is well on its way. Oulu University Hospital adopts super smart technology while preparing to use…
Keski-Suomen Sairaala Nova
Annual report 2023

Hospital Nova is an energy-efficient, safe, modern central hospital


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Hospitals and healthcare

Central hospital Nova of Central Finland uses an energy recycling system and innovative solutions to ensure patient and staff safety…

Energy and sustainability highlighted in services and consulting

On the whole, the year was good for Granlund’s service business. Early in the year, there was some uncertainty evident on the market but active sales work, solid customer relationships and projects carried out with regular customers helped bridge over the uncertain start to the year.

During the year, growth was accelerated especially by sustainability and energy services but there was also market demand for various property management and maintenance services. With regard to the real estate business, the market situation remained challenging throughout the year, even if the situation improved as we got nearer to winter. That said, our experts working in these services were mainly employed by sustainability projects. In our regional offices, including Kuopio and Vaasa, services were refined to fit the local market. This proved to be a functional and profitable model.

Recruitment continued throughout the year even though personnel growth was somewhat short of the targets.

In regional offices, services were refined to fit the local market.

The property management market saw growth, even though there were fewer real estate transactions taking place in Finland than ever before. At the start of the year, the market situation had a knock-on effect on demand for Granlund’s real estate purchase and sales services but the summer and autumn were busy for the TEDD (Technical and Environmental Due Diligence) services. 

Granlund retained its market leader position, with the net sales increasing by 10–15%. Major demand for the energy and sustainability services improved the result of property management. There was a record number of applications for environmental and sustainability certificates, with many customers starting to increasingly take the effect of emissions into account in their investments. 

Property management services are provided for the whole country, primarily from Helsinki, Kuopio and Vaasa. In Kuopio, the new energy management and MEP optimisation services already employ 3–4 persons, while a major new Granlund Manager customer was landed in Ostrobothnia in the City of Vaasa. We also have assignments in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Real estate owners’ use of business intelligence was developed during the year through various reporting methods. Popular services included maintenance strategies, environmental risk assessments and AI Energy Surveys. There was a high number of competitive tendering for service contracts and the division of liabilities in rental agreements was pondered together with property owners and users. Many operators also wanted to integrate sustainability into other property management practices, such as LTP. 

During the year, the strategic goal of the overall service was achieved. Granlund provides its customers with comprehensive property care and maintenance, energy efficiency and sustainability services as well as Granlund Manager support services. The total number of service customers increased, a clear indication that many customers trust Granlund as a strategic partner. 

The market situation in the real estate and construction sector tightened competition in the energy sector. It did not have much of an effect on Granlund’s energy business as the sustainable investment criteria were simultaneously highlighted and demand for energy efficiency measures increased. The net sales improved by approximately 20%. 

The growth was based on long-term customers as well as an extensive service portfolio. Granlund has three departments that provide energy services: 

The energy management department provides energy and sustainability management services. 

The sustainable construction department focuses on the energy and carbon control of projects as well as regional energy solutions. 

The energy project department is in charge of the design and EPCM implementation of energy efficiency projects. 

Many regional business units also boast energy know-how under the name of lifecycle management services

Some of the most sought-after services of the year included AI Energy Surveys, energy recycling design as well as the goal-oriented control of energy solutions for construction projects. Many property owners were able to successfully identify the energy efficiency potential of their properties and improve it with the help of Granlund’s services. Almost all new office projects were aiming for an A energy class. Property developers invested in low-emission and cost-effective energy solutions and many of them made sure to meet their goals through profitable investments. 

The goal of the energy project business is to expand to Sweden in 2024. In addition, the energy business will continue the technological development of digital solutions and investments in internal training and efficient data sharing processes. 

The sustainability business market in Finland increased visibly during the year. It was most affected by the EU’s increasing sustainability reporting requirements, such as EU taxonomy and the CSRD directive. The sustainability targets of financiers and other actors have also tightened. The market already reflected the new Building Act entering into force in 2025, which requires construction projects to provide a climate survey. 

Granlund has become a major player with regard to sustainability in the real estate and construction sector, and its business operations increased by 25%. Although the majority of sustainability services are produced from Helsinki, many of the regional offices have also increased their sustainability service know-how. 

The fastest growing services included the AI Taxonomy Survey and climate risk reports. Customers also demonstrated growing interest in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), the EDD reports of real estate transactions, environmental classifications, climate commitments and carbon footprint control. There was increased demand for more comprehensive sustainability control for construction projects. 

During the year, Granlund provided training in the sustainability sector and participated in a wide range of global cooperation. For instance, Granlund was involved in FIGBC’s operations and drew up typical MEP emission values for the Ministry of the Environment as a basis for legislation. Granlund’s Environmental Responsibility in Construction marker survey was also completed. 

In 2024, the real estate and construction sector will move towards more goal-oriented sustainability control. Demand for services is expected to increase, especially as a result of the CSRD directive. Projects will require an increasing level of circular economy, biodiversity and sustainability data know-how. Growth is also expected from industry and regional development projects. 

Our key services and consulting customers

With regard to customer relationships, Granlund offers energy, sustainability, real estate and knowledge management consulting and services.

  • Senate Properties
  • University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK)
  • Citycon
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company
  • Sagax Finland

Software – Granlund Manager showing strong growth

The general market situation was reflected positively in the demand for Granlund’s software products and services. Property owners wanted to increase their understanding of the need for property maintenance, maintenance backlog, energy consumption and carbon footprint. In addition to Greater Helsinki, the interest in property data management increased in Granlund’s business units throughout Finland. 

In the global software business, Granlund’s subsidiary in the Middle East was run down. The operations will continue through partners. In the future, internationalisation will focus on Scandinavia and the Baltic countries in accordance with Granlund’s strategy. Especially Sweden shows great potential for expanding the operations. 

Granlund Manager considerably strengthened its position as the most used property management system in Finland. Record-breaking profits were made in sales and business operations, and the annual recurring revenue (ARR) increased by 27%. The net sales from inter-software integration and reporting solutions also increased by nearly 30%. As a new product package, Granlund provided a data management package including Device data management to support the design stage. 

During the year, Granlund fared well in competitive tendering for maintenance systems for the public sector. Many wellbeing services counties also chose Granlund Manager as the data management tool for their properties used for social welfare and healthcare services. A framework agreement was also concluded with Kirkon Keskusrahasto, as a result of which more than 300 parishes in Finland can adopt Granlund Manager subject to a standard agreement. This translates into thousands of properties. 

Growth in 2024 is especially expected in terms of using software to manage lifecycle data as operators in the real estate and construction sector are bracing themselves for the new Building Act. Another major opportunity for growth is integrations created for mutual customers together with other software providers. 

Key Granlund Manager customers

Granlund Manager’s total customer relationships include, e.g. property data and energy monitoring as well as software integrations.

  • Senate Properties
  • City of Vantaa
  • University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK)
  • Citycon
  • Kesko
  • HUS
  • S Group
  • Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd
  • City of Espoo
  • OP Group

Growth in 2024 is especially expected in terms of using software to manage lifecycle data.

Construction management and supervision showing strong growth

The general interest rate level had an impact on the willingness of international investors to invest and, to some degree, projects of operators doing business in Russia were stopped on the eastern border. Nevertheless, construction never stopped entirely or in all areas. The biggest changes were smaller project sizes and a fragmented market. 

The order backlog of Granlund’s construction management remained strong, staying on a growth path. However, price competition intensified throughout the country.  

In construction management and supervision, Granlund’s net sales increased by approximately 25%. Public-sector construction, data center projects and industrial projects laid the foundation for profitable operations. Granlund’s strengths turned out to be renovation and a flexible transition from large to smaller projects. 

In 2024, the construction management business will be expanded both through M&A transactions and recruiting key personnel in regions where Granlund’s operations are still minor. Areas of interest include Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa and the Vaasa region. We have already been successful in hiring key personnel in Oulu and Mikkeli. 

Growth will be accelerated by the construction management business’ own business strategy. Promising directions of growth include industry, property development projects as well as integrated projects where Granlund is responsible for construction management and supervision as well as design. The measures taken to improve the profitability of operations includes the Group’s internal support measures, construction management software and existing data content management. 

The biggest changes were smaller project sizes and a fragmented market.

Granlund’s quantity surveying and cost calculation achieved moderate growth of nearly 10%. This was partly down to the diversity of services: the department provides cost calculations for construction technology, electrical engineering and HVAC projects. In addition to the quantity surveying provided for contractor customers, the services aimed at developers were also increased during the year. 

We also provide a 4D scheduling design service for the real estate and construction sector. Market uncertainty has made things hard in terms of the way the service has been received overall, although there are several independent success stories. For example, 4D design was adopted for design scheduling and control in the biggest hospital project in Finland, Laakso Hospital. During the year, we invested in the development and marketing of the service, and the outlook for this year is positive. 

In 2024, the construction management services are going be developed further using new digital tools to automate the quantity surveying and cost calculation processes already at the start of the project. The HVAC calculation register used for HVAC project quantity surveying will also receive new software integrations. 

Compared to new construction, the market share of renovation has steadily increased in Finland, the same trend applies to Granlund.  

Although rising interest rates made investors more cautious and labour and material prices fluctuated, project interruptions were rare. Granlund’s renovation order book remained at a healthy level throughout the country. The strongest sector was office premises and commercial properties. The net sales increased by approximately 10% and the gross margin improved year-on-year. In addition to Greater Helsinki, strong growth was also evident at Granlund’s northernmost business unit in Rovaniemi, for example. 

The increase in net sales was based on long-term regular customer relationship, e.g. with Varma, the City of Helsinki, S-Bank, Sponda and Senate Properties. Years of cooperation carried us on through a difficult market situation and projects well managed prompted further orders. Amongst other things, our customers received added value through quality work, a wide range of services and extensive resources, which enabled us to perform alterations within a tight timeframe, for example. 

Granlund’s service chain philosophy also contributed to the growth. The entire company’s know-how is put to good use in renovation turnkey deliveries. We have our sights firmly set on further growth in the next few years, supported by an even clearer six-renovation-sector service chain: 

Condition surveyes and reports 

• Physical building condition surveys

• Technical building condition surveys 

• Renovation design 

Construction management and technical construction supervision 

• MEP supervision. 

Investors’ cautious approach resulted in increased demand for Granlund’s condition mapping and condition survey services. There was a tendency to inspect sites more closely than before prior to the design and construction stage. Condition surveys acted as an efficient loss-leader, and the same project often included other orders, e.g. for physical building condition surveys, technical building condition surveys, design services and construction management services. 

During the year, the condition survey services acquired a significant piece of equipment. The new X-ray fluorescence-based XRF analyser is able to more efficiently detect heavy metals in asbestos and chemical pollutant analyses, resulting in cost savings. The same device can take hundreds of samples per day and analyse them on the spot without needing separate lab analysis. 

Part of a positive year was taking part in the GenerIoT development project. The goal is to create new services and business for the continuous monitoring of wind farms, other infrastructures as well as technologies used in indoor environments. The project has already involved collaboration with other industry operators, selecting pilot sites and developing IoT research for long-term measurements, for example. 

Key construction management and supervision customers

  • Senate Properties: framework agreements for construction management and supervision, multiple projects all over Finland
  • City of Helsinki: framework agreement on construction management and supervision: schools, day-care centres, agencies
  • S-Bank: construction management and supervision of properties managed by investment funds in Finland
  • Flamingo Spa: alteration and refurbishment construction management and supervision
  • Etelä-Savon kampuskiinteistöt municipal consortium
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company
  • Cities/public construction projects: Tuusula, Vaasa, Kuopio, Savonlinna, Kurikka, Parainen, Kuopio, etc.
  • University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK)

A good year for property management

In Granlund’s property management business, the market situation and rising prices were mainly reflected in the general mood of housing companies and a busy customer service department. The sector continued to be affected by the trend of major operators expanding by buying smaller competitors, which had a knock-on effect on customer retention. Regardless, Granlund was able to retain its long-term customer relationships. Some of the agreements have been in effect since the 1970s. 

In the autumn of 2022, Granlund’s property management services conducted change negotiations, and the year kicked off with facility changes. The premises in central Helsinki were relinquished, with the services concentrated on Pohjois-Haaga and Itäkeskus. The number of employees decreased when customer service was reorganised and the accounting services provided for housing companies were outsourced. The measures were effective, enabling approximately 9% growth. 

As part of a nationwide project, the ownership registrations of the more than 200 customers of Granlund Isännöinti were transferred to the electronic apartment data system (Huoneistotietojärjestelmä) of the National Land Survey of Finland. The technical property management services were expanded to include project management tasks for housing companies. Our strong MEP expertise also enabled us to increase our product range and we assist housing companies with managing their increased statutory obligations, such as drawing up energy certificates or providing them with fire safety services. 

During the year, we signed the first sales contract for technical property management services with a competitor. The cooperation acts as a pilot. The aim is to provide technical expertise for SMBs operating in the sector who do not possess the expertise themselves. During the year, we also landed our first more comprehensive property company customer relationship that will focus on technical maintenance. Late in the year, we drew up a new growth strategy for our operations. The measures will be launched at the start of 2024. 

We measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis

Smooth and seamless cooperation with our customers and stakeholders is of the utmost importance to the assessment of the development of our operations. Granlund measures and monitors customer satisfaction on a regular basis so as to be able to quickly respond to any development needs.  

To measure customer satisfaction, we use both more comprehensive long-term surveys and quick pulse surveys. We conduct an extensive customer relationship survey every two years and measure customer satisfaction with projects and services on an ongoing basis.  

As an expert company, Granlund’s operations hinge on its employees’ expertise and job satisfaction. Happy employees also create a solid foundation for excellent customer satisfaction, which is why we are continuously investing in internal communications, job satisfaction and community spirit.  

Customer relationship survey

A broader customer relationship survey conducted in autumn 2022 provided Granlund with vital feedback on development needs and reinforced our understanding of our strengths. The Group’s NPS was 44 and its CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) score measuring long-term customer satisfaction was 73. CSI comprehensively and accurately reflects the percentage of perfectly satisfied customers of all respondents.  

Once again, our employees’ expertise and the accessibility of our contact persons received top marks. Our customer-orientation and the ease of ordering our services were also highly rated. Our ability to respond to urgent assignments also improved in comparison with the previous survey.  

Specific targets for development included communication activity during projects as well as our experts’ ability to provide customers with new solutions. We invested in these areas during 2023. 

Generally, customers consider Granlund reliable (4.25/5), cooperative (4.23/5) and high quality (4.02/5).

Customers consider Granlund reliable, cooperative and high quality.

Customer satisfaction trend

Granlund’s operations are largely project-based. Therefore, it is also important to measure customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. All of our business units and business areas ask for customer feedback upon the completion of a project or projects. The feedback provides us with key information on project implementation and development targets. 

In 2023, the project feedback NPS figure was 68 (in 2022, it was 60). 70% of the feedback was positive and 2% of the feedback was negative. We received high marks specifically for seamless cooperation and the expertise of our experts, which have both improved year after year. 

All of our business units ask for customer feedback upon the completion of a project or projects.

We invest in the well-being and development of our employees

Granlund’s strategic HR management goal is to be the best possible workplace for current and future Granlund employees.

Creating an attractive and open workplace that is safe for everyone takes, e.g. excellent management and an investment in the development of employees. 

In 2023, one of the most important objectives of HR management was to ensure the employment of current employees. The number of employees increased moderately. At the moment, Granlund employs more than 1,400 experts. 

The number of employees increased moderately to over 1,400.

Gender distribution

The gender options in Granlund’s HR system are woman, man, other and I don’t want to say. The figures are reported once at least five people have selected an option.

At the end of 2023, Granlund personnel included 77.5% men and 22.5% women.

Pay equality is monitored

Granlund monitors pay equality between women and men in accordance with the personnel classification categories of the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL.

According to the latest report, the income levels between genders are very even.  

The income levels between genders are very even.

Employee satisfaction is at an excellent level

The satisfaction and well-being of Granlund’s employees is measured on a monthly basis with the Fiilispulssi survey.

Although we were forced to conduct some local change negotiations during the year, the eNPS measuring the overall satisfaction of employees was on average 50, an excellent level (49 in 2022). The employees were happiest with the nice work atmosphere, which has been Granlund’s strength for years.

The well-being at work theme of the year was overall life management. Employees were reminded of the importance of work-life balance with various campaigns, such as the Lukuhaaste reading challenge. The issue was highlighted with, e.g. the Lapsi töihin (bring your child to work) day and the popular Perhevapaalla (on family leave) series on social media.

Of Granlund employees, 116 fathers and 28 mothers took family leave during the year.

Change coaching and communications to support the merger 

One of the biggest changes taking place during the year was the Group’s 12 regional subsidiaries merging with the parent company Granlund Oy. The measures taken to support the merger included change coaching, regular change communications as well as measuring the employees’ views on the progress. Operating as one company will facilitate Granlund’s internationalisation efforts as well as the cooperation of experts throughout Finland. 

Due to the focus on the organisational change, the personnel survey conducted every two years was moved from autumn 2023 to summer 2024.

Individual career paths and mentoring pairs 

In 2023, we piloted Granlund’s career path model, which will be integrated into all target reviews and performance reviews in 2024. The goal is to support employees’ career development in a way that is meaningful for everyone.

Individual development opportunities are supported, e.g. through Granlund Academy training and the mentoring programme, which in 2023 involved ten or so mentoring pairs from different parts of Finland. 

Mentoring helped me grow as a person and a professional

Tiia-Lotta Tuominen, low-carbon expert, Granlund

Mentoring increases self-awareness and introduces new insights

Tiia-Lotta Tuominen
The mentor encouraged Tiia-Lotta Tuominen to trust her own abilities.

Granlund’s trainees give their employer a good rating:  

  • Applicant experience 4.54  
  • Meaningful of work tasks 4.30 
  • Onboarding and guidance 4.49
  • Fairness and equality 4.62
  • Written employment contract 4.88
  • Overall satisfaction 4.69

(n = 52, scale 1–5)  

Source: Vastuullinen kesäduunitutkimus 2023, Oikotie (in Finnish)

The number of traineeship applications increased by more than 1,000 

Granlund was ranked 10th in Oikotie’s Vastuullinen kesäduuni (sustainable summer job) survey in the over 1,000 employees category. We received a record number of traineeship applications (2,488) or more than 1,000 applications more than the year before (1,467). 

The best thing about my summer job was a great work atmosphere and a sense of community.

The success is based on years of developing the employer image as well as close cooperation with students and educational institutions. For instance, Granlund has appointed a local contact person for educational institutions in different regions. Another important factor has been visibility on social media, which has raised Granlund’s profile nationwide. The development of recruitment practices was also reflected in the results. 

Working group to promote diversity and inclusion work 

Granlund’s Diversity and Inclusion work started in late 2022 with a survey aimed at the entire personnel. In 2023, the diversity work focused on the development areas highlighted in the survey: development of language practices, improving women’s chances of influencing things as well as promoting diversity and inclusion in the daily work. 

To steer the Diversity and Inclusion work, a working group was assembled that convened seven times. Practical measures included increasing English communications and guidance as well as awareness of diversity. The employees’ own International Granlund employees group sparred with, e.g. the company’s HR and communications experts to develop practices. 

In 2023, the diversity work focused on the development of language practices, improving women’s chances of influencing things as well as promoting diversity and inclusion in the daily work.

Granlund’s international employees are a valuable resource in developing the diversity of the work community and expanding expertise. Pictured: Davor Stjelja, Priyanka Thapa, Anna Korolyuk and Nhung Nguyen

A network of experts promotes diversity 

Granlund’s international employees are a valuable resource in developing the diversity of the work community and expanding expertise.

Four Granlund employees who relocated to Finland talk about their involvement in diversity work.  

Apart from language issues, we can also influence the inclusion of women, for example.

Priyanka Thapa

The “It’s not okay!” campaign promotes non-discrimination at the workplace

Granlund is committed to non-discrimination and the equal treatment of all people, which is why the practices to tackle inappropriate behaviour were clarified during the year. The operating model was demonstrated through the “It’s not okay!” campaign and the company appointed a dedicated anti-harassment contact person. The non-discrimination online course is now part of all new employees’ training path. 

And please explore Granlund’s sustainability programme, which discusses personnel responsibility under the theme of well-being for people.

Ongoing investments in innovation

Granlund has a long history of innovation and development activities. Continuous development and responding to social change have been part of the company’s operating culture from the start.

The focus in innovations is on internal development work and cooperation with customers, partner companies and research institutes in national and international projects.

Granlund invests 6–10% of its net sales in innovation and development activities annually. In 2023, we invested EUR 8.3 million or approximately 6% of net sales in innovations. The amount increased from the previous year (EUR 7.2 million). 

Developing MEP together

The most significant event of the year was the launch of the MEP 2030 project. Granlund also became a member of KIRAHub (in Finnish), creating new networking opportunities and keeping Granlund at the forefront of the digital development of the sector. Granlund is also still involved in the Building2030 consortium.

When it comes to internal development work, several joint projects were implemented with different business units. During the year, we saw the completion of the Survey on the digital maturity of the real estate and construction industry as well as 25 theses. These topics highlighted Granlund’s comprehensive expertise in the various areas of MEP, property management, energy design and sustainability. 

On average, theses were completed every two weeks in different parts of Finland.

MEP 2030 consortium 

Granlund was involved in establishing MEP 2030, the first consortium of MEP operators, which started its operations at the start of 2023. In the future, Aalto University, Tampere University and 14 entrepreneur partners will develop the sector in accordance with a mutual vision. 

At the core of the operations are quick experiments, made possible by the close interaction between researchers, designers and other experts in the field. Granlund participates in the consortium’s operations both in development projects and the group of business CEOs.

During the year, there were some major development steps taken in the utilisation of generative AI. Granlund piloted its internal AI tool, into which experts can securely export documents. AI development will continue to involve both great opportunities and great challenges. One of the issues to solve is which kind of applications can be reliably used in business operations.

Three new Business Finland projects

In terms of innovation projects, 2023 was an excellent year. In addition to the previous four projects, we launched three new projects financed by Business Finland. The development projects focused on Granlund’s strategic growth areas: energy, sustainability, data and digitalisation. We will continue to promote the same themes in 2024. 

In the Business Finland development projects launched in 2023, sustainable solution design will extend from properties to city blocks. Pictured: Heikki Ihasalo.

Development of sustainable solutions expands from real estate to city blocks 

In the Business Finland development projects launched in 2023, emission reduction is considered at the level of entire city blocks. Already, it is evident that the projects will introduce new perspectives to familiar themes, resulting in the development of the services offered by Granlund as well as the whole real estate and construction sector, writes Heikki Ihasalo, Innovation Director, Granlund.

Granlund is involved in seven development projects

People Flow

(Untangling People Flow for Smart and Sustainable Urban Environments, 2023–2026) 

Funded by Business Finland, the People Flow projects seeks ways to facilitate people’s movement and transport in urban environments. Granlund focuses on the development of digital services, such as AI applications and software integrations, to control factors such as energy consumption according to the number of users of the premises. The Kumpula campus and Helsinki Airport are used as development platforms. 


(Nordic Superblocks as Decarbonization Catalysts, 2023–2025) 

The NSDC project, funded by Business Finland, develops carbon-neutral urban planning. The goal is to create a concept where AI applications promote energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and the users’ well-being. Residents are invited to get involved using extended reality (XR) methods. Granlund is in charge of the sub-project for sustainable property management, focused on developing regional lifecycle management. 

Energy-Carbon KOM 

(Development of energy-carbon coordinated key operation management technology of district energy system based on mechanism-data fused modeling, 2023–2026) 

Funded by Business Finland, the Energy-Carbon KOM project focuses on small data instead of big data. The goal is to create a concept and new applications for determining local energy needs in the early stages of a project, even with inadequate initial information. Granlund’s contributions to the project include expertise in designing low-carbon energy systems. 

GenerIoT – ITEA  

(Generating and Deploying Lightweight, Secure and Zero-overhead Software for Multipurpose IoT Devices, 2023–2025) 

The project develops ways to measure the technical condition of geographically diverse infrastructures, such as wind farms, using IoT equipment. Our Finnish research partner is Tampere University.


(Research and demonstration of key technologies of DHC hybrid system based on renewable energy heat pump, 2021–2024):  

The joint project between Finland and China develops hybrid energy solutions utilising renewable energy sources. Our Finnish research partner is Aalto University, which carries out research at a doctoral thesis level into solutions based on energy recycling in particular. 


(Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions, 2021–2024) 

The project aimed at developing pandemic-safe solutions for the urban environment in collaboration with several research institutes. E3 is Granlund’s biggest development project and one of Business Finland’s biggest development projects. Our role is to coordinate the development of healthcare solutions for the “Smart Modular Healthcare” use case. 


(Industrial Machine Learning for Enterprises, 2021–2024):  

The project develops a process to utilise AI jointly with an international consortium. The project also develops AI-based use cases and services, supporting our strategic “Data flow” development area. Our research partners include the University of Helsinki in Finland and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. 

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