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Area-specific energy solutions

Area-specific energy solutions

Our consulting services for area-specific energy solutions help the property and energy industry to co-operate to find the most cost-efficient ways to reduce the carbon footprint. We know the area-specific needs and the best solutions.

Area-specific energy solutions reduce the carbon footprint

Area-specific energy solutions extend beyond an individual property, typically comprising energy networks, such as low temperature networks and cooling networks. We seek cost-efficient and ecological options to cater for the energy needs of a block or an entire district, for example. Similar solutions are also well suited to the needs of multipurpose centres, hospital areas and university campuses.

The design of area-specific energy solutions is based on local energy needs, and in order to meet them, we seek the optimum hybrid solutions in terms of technology and carbon neutrality objectives. This could include combining diverse heat pumps and their heat sources with district heating.

In our studies, we take into account the development goals of different areas, the latest legislation and forms of support, as well as the possibilities of sectoral integration and smart property control.

Solid experience in area-specific energy solutions

We have Finland’s most extensive experience in energy consulting and planning, both area-specifically and in properties. Independence and our extensive customer base are our strengths. We serve energy companies, property developers, property owners and municipalities, among others.

Regardless of the customer, our services cover the techno-economic master plans and feasibility studies of area-specific energy solutions, mentoring our customers in finding the most suitable solutions to meet their goals. The more detailed set of services is always specified on a customer-specific basis.

For example, we assist energy companies in the technical conceptualisation of solutions and evaluation of the profitability of projects, as well as in pricing and preparing bids to end customers. In addition to techno-economic surveys, our property-sector services include energy operator tenders for area-specific energy and multi-purpose property projects.

Area-specific energy solutions are attracting increasing interest

Interest in area-specific energy solutions is increasing across Finland, because they allow property and energy industry operators to efficiently promote the reduction of emissions and carbon footprint together. Granlund is involved in several trailblazer projects.

Granlund’s area-specific energy services

  • Master plans and techno-economic feasibility studies: includes the specification of project objectives, modelling of energy consumption, optimisation of energy solutions based on the objectives and energy and profitability modelling
  • Preliminary planning
  • Energy operator tenders
  • Implementation planning
  • Energy company services

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