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Commercial premises and retail

Commercial premises and retail

Intelligently designed and maintained business premises are easy and comfortable to use. Our solutions keep the energy costs and carbon footprint of the retail sector under control.

Flexible business premises serve the customer, shopkeeper and owner

We continuously challenge ourselves and our partners to design and implement reliable and energy-efficient business premises. We use the latest technology to your advantage. With our solutions, we aim to help the business of the premises now and in the future. Flexibility ensures that the premises are suitable for changing conditions.

Emissions and costs can be reduced through responsible actions

Whether the project is an individual commercial unit or a network of shopping centres, we offer a comprehensive range of services built around energy efficiency and responsibility. For example, we manage the practical implementation of diverse environmental certification processes. Our experts also manage energy efficiency projects, condition monitoring and energy optimisation.

The operating costs of business premises can be optimised with our responsible and energy-saving solutions. For example, a reduction in cash flow can be reacted to with a corresponding reduction in expenditure.

We continuously develop new solutions and operating models together with our customers. When we combine the customer’s understanding of the core business with Granlund’s expertise, we can create new operating models or solutions to meet sustainability or energy efficiency requirements, for example.

Joonas Alakomi, Group Manager, Granlund

High-quality maintenance ensures the functionality of the commercial property

Our operations are guided by the experience of the end users and the comfort of visiting the premises. Our high-quality and efficient maintenance operations ensure the reliability of business premises throughout their lifecycle. Real-time monitoring allows us to respond to potential problems even before an incident occurs.

Digital tools support the maintenance of business premises

We offer proven digital tools that support your commercial property in day-to-day challenges. The tools help create functional conditions and optimise energy efficiency. Our services also cover the monitoring and reporting of the energy consumption of the property. Our Granlund Manager software ensures that you have access to the property’s maintenance data regardless of time and place.

Future-proof business premises are created together

We have experienced designers and solid expertise in the construction of offices. We develop new solutions and new operating models that meet future needs. We listen to both property owners and end users and strive to meet their wishes. Combining the needs of the customer’s core business and Granlund’s expertise makes it possible to build and maintain functional, flexible and energy-efficient premises.

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