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AI Energy Survey

Granlund’s AI Energy Survey is an automatic calculation tool that can be used to quickly determine the energy efficiency potential of a property or portfolio of properties.

We make AI to work for energy!

AI Energy Survey calculates and simulates how the highest energy savings can be achieved and the extent to which CO2 emissions can be reduced based on the data in the energy certificate. With the Survey, you can quickly determine the energy efficiency potential of an individual property or the entire property portfolio.

Optimising energy investments for large property portfolios is now faster than ever

We have increased computing power and drastically reduced the cost of computing. AI Energy Survey is significantly faster than any other software for multi-objective optimisation.

With the workload previously needed to calculate the energy efficiency potential of an individual property you can now calculate it for dozens or even more than a hundred properties. The Survey uses methods based on energy simulation and artificial intelligence, analysing thousands of energy optimisation options in just a few minutes.

The time frame for calculating is the lifecycle of technical systems. AI Energy Survey can take into account structures, ventilation systems, heat pumps, solar panels and solar thermal collectors, wastewater heat recovery ventilation and the utilisation of condensate heat, for example.

The end result is a comprehensive, cost-efficient and impartial survey.

Our energy consulting services

Energy-efficient student living at TOAS

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation, TOAS, is one of the first organisations to promote the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of its properties. TOAS utilised AI Energy Survey in renovation project planning to achieve energy efficiency and carbon neutrality targets.

“The survey that Granlund carried out on the energy efficiency potential of our properties provided us with a lot of useful information and on which we can base our decisions concerning future renovation projects and other issues. In addition to profitable energy efficiency measures, the survey provided information on the investment costs of the different measures,” explains Jari Ahonen, Property Director at TOAS.

Towards a more efficient construction sector with quality first

At Granlund, a number of seasoned professionals in the field are responsible for the quality of the results of AI Energy Survey. Contact us and ask for more information!

Jussi From

Director, Customer Relations, Energy Specialist
Granlund Oy

Timo Karvinen

Group Manager
Granlund Oy

Ville Reinikainen

Business Development Director
Granlund Oy

Energy efficiency influences our carbon footprint and economy

Energy efficiency expertise has always been our strength. Our carbon handprint covers the entire lifecycle of properties.

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