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Metering Hub

The Metering Hub secures the integrity of data flow from start to finish

Granlund Manager Metering Hub makes metering-based electricity and water consumption invoicing quick and easy.

A reliable integration solution

Granlund Manager Metering Hub is a modular and easily customizable integration solution that supports a wide variety of systems, especially if the manufacturer’s own integration interface is not available.

It improves data quality and flow and supports high-quality energy reporting, while making metering-based electricity and water consumption invoicing quick and easy.

Our customers’ trusted solution ensures seamless data flow. The equipment base currently consists of approximately 5,000 meters and 730 Metering Hubs.

The Metering Hub offers reliable data transfer

The Metering Hub supports all the bus technologies and data transfer interfaces commonly used in consumption meters. It enables data to be transferred from the property maintenance systems and building automation systems of various suppliers. Data can also be transferred from the Metering Hub to the systems.

Remote access enables device software updates, meter additions and system and hardware fault detection. This also makes it easier to control the correction of faults and interference.

One of the main advantages of the Metering Hub is that the integrity of data transfer can be monitored, as the metering system and data transfer are easy to supervise.

For Granlund Manager customers, the management of metering data from the property to reports and all the way to invoicing can be implemented efficiently and reliably on a one-stop-shop basis.

Easy energy consumption tracking

The Granlund Manager Metering Hub enables automatic, reliable and controllable data transfer to consumption monitoring software. The Granlund Manager – or other consumption monitoring software of the customer’s choice – can be used to collect energy metering data in real time and provide hourly remote reading.

Remote reading data is transferred to the consumption monitoring system either from the customer’s submetering systems or from the main metering results of power and heating plants.

Solid metering expertise for the entire lifecycle of your property

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