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Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin presents property data visually in a form that is easy to understand. With it, maintenance can monitor the conditions of a building quickly on a floor- or unit-specific basis, for example – and react swiftly to any deviations.

Digital Twin visualises property data

Digital Twin is a virtual duplicate of a building that helps to manage property-related data and illustrate maintenance processes. The Digital Twin compiles data from the BIMs used during the design phase, from IoT and automation systems and from property users, among other sources.

Granlund Manager’s Digital Twin presents the data easily, positioned on the building’s 3D layout drawing in real time. With it, you can monitor conditions on building-, floor- and unit-specific bases.

Changing colour codes allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity in different rooms, for example, and you can quickly address any abnormal conditions. The Digital Twin also allows allocating service requests from users and property maintenance at the room and equipment levels.

Digital Twin also features detailed equipment information

The Digital Twin of a property makes it easy to see, for instance, behind which wall a specific ventilation duct is located. With it, you can also easily and very concretely see which rooms a specific air handler unit serves.

Also, more detailed information about this unit can be found in the equipment database with a single click, as it has been migrated to the digital twin directly from the equipment data management software.

New kind of transparency to maintenance

The volume of data in properties is constantly increasing. Data management can only succeed when Big Data can be displayed in a sufficiently illustrative way. The Digital Twin makes property data visually available to a range of users, from maintenance personnel to property managers and end users.

The Digital Twin adds a new kind of transparency to maintenance. It is a natural choice for property owners that want to know their properties thoroughly and use them wisely.

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