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Granlund Designer API – Information for the device

Granlund Designer interface enables data transfer from the calculation software of various device manufacturers directly to the property’s device management and, consequently, to the device schedule.

Interested in transferring data from the calculation software to the device schedule?

Granlund Designer is a device management software solution built for the designers of building services to manage the property’s device and material information throughout its lifecycle. It is used, for example, to create the property’s device schedules.

In addition, the software includes a device approval section used to collect as-built data from the contractor for maintenance use. No more typing data manually into maintenance software; let the data flow through interfaces!

The Granlund Designer interface enables data transfer from the calculation software of various device manufacturers directly to the property’s device management and, consequently, to the device schedule as examples of devices.

If your calculation software is cloud-compatible, it is possible to connect the data transfer to Granlund Designer, thus offering all designers and design agencies using Granlund Designer the opportunity to make their work more efficient.

Granlund Designer is a product for sale, which means that its use is not limited to Granlund’s internal use. For example, University Properties of Finland require their device schedules to be made using Granlund Designer.

Sound good? Here’s how to join:

  1. Verifying the cloud compatibility of the calculation software.
    • If the calculation software is not cloud compatible, please contact us and we will examine your implementation options!
  2. This information is delivered to the programmer of the calculation software who internally examines the options and necessary actions and gives a rough estimate of the workload based on the instructions.
    • Granlund Designer’s Project Manager can help specify the workload estimate.
  3. Permission from the management to proceed based on the programmer’s analysis.
  4. Meetings with Granlund Designer’s Product Manager, the programmer of the calculation software and technical HVAC representatives from both parties.
    • Specifying the technical implementation in terms of, for example, the data to be transferred and the related generic values.
  5. Piloting and implementation.
  6. Reporting the cooperation together with Granlund and other participating device manufacturers.

Why choose us?

  1. Saving time while promoting efficiency, customer satisfaction and competitiveness: Automating the import of device data saves the designer considerable time in compiling the device schedule, which makes the use of the software an attractive option. This also improves customer satisfaction.
  2. Precision, accuracy and quality of data: Automated documentation of essential information in plans reduces the risk of human typing errors in both the plans and procurements, improving the quality of the entire process.
  3. Compatibility: Data compatibility between different systems through a data structure defined by a national standard enables easier data transfer between different systems.
  4. Future data requirements: Enabling flexible data updates and additions during the lifecycle of the property, also according to future data requirements.
  5. Information security: Data encryption and secure data transfer ensured.

No more typing data manually into maintenance software – let the data flow through interfaces!

Read about the cooperation between Recair and Granlund

The cooperation started when ETS NORD proposed to Granlund a development project related to Recairair handling units that aims to improve the efficiency of device data management. Thanks to smart interfaces, the technical data is transferred to the Granlund Designer software in the correct format and not a single component entry is forgotten.

The cooperation got off to a flying start and has considerably benefitted both parties. The data transfer process has Lean efficiency from the very beginning of the construction project.

“The role of the designer is very important in the chain. Our goal is to make product information easily available to designers, help them get acquainted with the products and speed up the design work’s product selection process,” says Aleksi Kähärä, Development Manager at Recair.

Granlund Designer API – Information for the programmer

Granlund Designer API (GD API) is a tool for accessing various data and functions from the Granlund Designer software. The GD API uses secure technology (HTTPS protocol) and data transfer uses REST technology with OpenAPI specification. The available Swagger-based documentation explains the functions of the GD API and how to use them.

Authentication and access rights

The use of the GD API requires authentication with the OAuth 2 standards. Granlund makes the authentication specifications that define the device manufacturer’s client for Granlund’s Identity Provider (IdP) service and the users of the Granlund Portal service. There are two ways to authenticate: authorization code or resource owner password authentication. The user’s access rights to the target property are defined in the Granlund Portal software by the administrator.


Linking the device manufacturer’s BIM to Granlund Designer’s BIM requires cooperation between Granlund and the device manufacturer. Key-value processing (“Usage” processing) is used to link the BIM. The links are configured by Granlund’s technical administrator.

Software implementation

The software must have a way to log in to the GD API interface. After logging in, the user’s databanks are retrieved from the API interface. Each follow-up operation of the interface requires the user’s bearer token as header information.

The bearer token is like a secret ticket that gives you permission to use a particular service or receive specific information. Think of it as a kind of “password” that you need to display in order to gain access.

When you use a particular app or service, you need to display this token every time you want to use it. This token helps the service or app recognize you and give you access to its content or functionality.

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Joni Oksman

Product Manager, Granlund Designer
Granlund Oy

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