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Ken Dooley has been appointed Chief Data Officer at Granlund

Ken Dooley has been appointed Chief Data Officer at Granlund

25.3.2024 – After working for a few years in a growth company, Ken Dooley returns to Granlund with the mission of bringing new insights and users' perspective into the data business.

Appointments, Data and digitalisation

Granlund is strengthening its position as a driver of digitalisation in the real estate and construction industry by appointing Dr. Ken Dooley as Chief Data Officer. He is starting in the role on 25 March 2024.

“I’ll bring in totally new ideas from outside. One of my goals will be to build data based and scalable business. When developing new services, I truly benefit from Granlund’s expertise and strong customer base”, says Ken Dooley.

Ken Dooley worked at Granlund from 2008 to 2020. He began his career as a sustainability consultant and held various positions such as group manager, lead specialist, and technology director.

For the last 3.5 years, Dooley has worked at a growth company based in Oulu, specialising in IoT solutions for buildings and workplaces, where he was responsible, among other things, for product strategy.

One of my goals will be to build data based and scalable business.

Ken Dooley

Aiming for a new kind of data-driven business

Granlund’s CEO, Pekka Metsi, states that Ken Dooley has a strong background, academic ambition, and valuable insight into the end-users of properties.

“Property users, such as companies leasing the premises and their employees, are a very potential and important target group for us, to whom we want to offer our services and data expertise in the future. It is very interesting to see how we can make systems and data serve them”, Metsi says.

According to Metsi, in the big picture, Dooley’s appointment and the business under his responsibility are linked to key themes in our industry: energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, and how data can better serve data-driven decision-making.

Dooley brings experience and insights to Granlund that will help the company succeed in the data business even more comprehensively.

“I understand the customers. I understand Granlund. But I also have been outside long enough to have a really fresh view on things”, says Dooley.

I think the silos are slowly coming together.

Ken Dooley

Continues also in the role of professor

Ken Dooley will also continue to work at Aalto University, where he is Professor of Practice at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation (Smart Building Technologies and Services).

Dooley’s research topics have included, among other things, user experience, smart building, smart city, big data and the future of work.

“It’s great to have a strong link to the academic world for Granlund with Ken’s return,” Pekka Metsi says.

Silos are coming together

In his previous role, Ken Dooley closely monitored a growth company’s rapid growth and internationalisation from the core of the company. Metsi notes that Dooley’s appointment is strongly connected to Granlund’s internationalisation strategy.

The digitalisation of the real estate and construction industry is advancing, but the pace is very modest. However, Dooley is hopeful.

“I think the silos are slowly coming together, for example IT and real estate are cooperating more.”

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Ken Dooley

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