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Timo Palonkoski appointed CBDO at Granlund

Timo Palonkoski appointed CBDO at Granlund

19.3.2024 – Business growth and development professional Timo Palonkoski has been appointed CBDO at Granlund.


Timo Palonkoski joined Granlund on 26 February 2024 as CBDO and member of the Management Team. Granlund’s CEO Pekka Metsi says that Palonkoski will develop Granlund’s construction services and drive growth not only in Finland but also in international markets in line with Granlund’s Plan G+ strategy.

“On an international level, our vision is to become the leading building services player in the Nordic countries and Europe and a specialist in the challenges related to the green transition.”

Timo Palonkoski has previously held various management positions in the Sitowise Group, including Director of the Buildings Business Area and Deputy CEO. He was also involved in the merger of Sito Oy and Wise Group Finland Oy and in Sitowise’s listing on the stock exchange.

“Growing a business is a passion for me, and I bring along a wide range of expertise from the different stages of a growth company,” says Palonkoski.

According to Metsi, it is rare to find talent like Palonkoski on the market, whose experience complements Granlund’s existing expertise.

Growth through international M&A transactions

Granlund’s strategic goal is to more than double its net sales and personnel by 2027. This requires not only organic growth but also international acquisitions. “Integrations and acquisitions are challenging but meaningful projects for me, and have long been a key part of my expertise,” says Palonkoski.

According to Palonkoski, international growth is not the easiest kind of growth. “However, Granlund’s strength lies in its strong expertise and respect for local decision-making and knowledge.”

Granlund is Finland’s leading provider of building services, and its international growth will be driven by data centres, hospital expertise and energy efficiency projects. Domestically, the new CBDO will be responsible for growing the construction management and structural design business, in particular.

Palonkoski sees Granlund’s strengths as being innovative and having the courage to do things in a new way. “For example, the distribution of Revit model templates to all actors in the sector shows an active role in the development of the construction sector and its entire value chain.”

International growth is also supported by expertise in digital and sustainable construction. “Digitality, sustainability and energy are an integral part of Granlund’s identity and will continue to keep the company at the forefront of the industry,” Palonkoski believes.

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Pekka Metsi

Granlund Oy
Timo Palonkoski, Granlund

Timo Palonkoski

Business Development Director
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Timo Palonkoski, Granlund

Timo Palonkoski appointed CBDO at Granlund

19.03.2024 – Business growth and development professional Timo Palonkoski has been appointed CBDO at Granlund.


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