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Granlund is restructuring its services

Granlund is restructuring its services

08.12.2020 – Emphasis on continuous services, energy solutions and developing productivity through the use of data


Granlund is reacting to the changes in the real estate and construction sector by restructuring its organisation. We are emphasising the role of technical building services in the construction process and making special expertise a more major part of all operations. Consulting will be developed towards continuous services. Data and Granlund’s strong software expertise will be incorporated into the new service model.

The driving force behind the restructuring is our strategy spanning until 2025, with the goal of doubling our current turnover of about EUR 100 million. “We want to give technical building services the role it deserves in construction while developing continuous services that ensure things will run smoothly even after construction is completed. For construction services, the change means trimming our functional operations and focusing on new areas in the changing market. As a more major change, we want to renew the real estate service market by introducing a new specialist-driven model backed by real-time data,” CEO Pekka Metsi explains. 

Leading the whole lifecycle

“Our customer base has clearly communicated to us that our current organisational structure and old-fashioned operating models aren’t driving the real estate industry towards productivity and higher quality. We feel it’s time for us to provide property owners with a new option for comprehensive lifecycle management. The new service model takes care of the conditions offered for tenants, property value, carbon footprint and digital competence,” says Head of Unit Miia Anttila, who will act as the head of the new lifecycle management unit starting from 1 January 2021.

As part of the restructuring, Granlund Consulting Oy (led by Anttila) will merge into the group’s parent company, Granlund Oy, over the course of spring 2021. The 97 employees of the company will transfer over to Granlund Oy as existing employees. 

Energy and environment highlighted in engineering 

In the future, energy and environmental factors will be more closely integrated into building services engineering and building development, allowing them to be taken into account from the early stages of a project. We also want to develop the overall process of technical building services. “Our experience with technical building services and energy efficiency goes back 60 years. Indoor conditions, functional technology and modern energy solutions are at the core of our expertise. Our energy efficiency projects have resulted in major savings for our customers. In the future, we want to make every Granlund project an energy project,” says Deputy CEO Jukka Tyni, who will be responsible for the construction and property development services starting from 1 January 2021.  

We will also be investing more heavily in project development, since the most important decisions regarding cost as well as carbon footprint and technological solutions are made during the development phase. “In addition to bringing our strong energy and environmental expertise into each project, we will be able to offer proactive cost management that enables the real-time evaluation of various design decisions,” Tyni adds.

Innovation and development will continue to be a major focus in Granlund’s operations. We invest about 6 to 8 per cent of our turnover in it. “In the future, business operations will carry more responsibility for development. Innovation helps us with future policies, and development improves the productivity and quality of our business,” Pekka Metsi explains.

Additional information:
Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund Oy, +358 40 529 6509,
Miia Anttila, Head of Business Unit, Lifecycle Management, +358 40 673 7479,
Jukka Tyni, Deputy CEO, Granlund Oy, +358 50 525 0211,
Media link to photographs, Riikka Linna, +358 50 345 2328, 

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Granlund is restructuring its services

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