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Three things to consider when choosing a data center designer

Three things to consider when choosing a data center designer

20.11.2023 – Responding to the ever-growing need for sustainable data processing means new data center sites are popping up and existing ones are being renovated in the Nordics. As a data center developer, what are the key features you value in a design and project management partner?

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Searching a greenfield site for an entirely new data center? Or has the time come to update, and possibly expand an existing data center? Here are three aspects to contemplate when selecting your partner for data center design and project management.

1. Dedication to data centers

When finding a design partner, pay close attention to their degree of specialization. Is the same team designing MEP solutions for a greenhouse one month and next month developing a concept for a data center? Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but what you order is what you get.

For instance, MEP solutions including HVAC, electrical, automation, fire safety, and security, are at the heart of data center reliability and redundancy. Actually, MEP systems constitute as much as 70 % of what it costs to have a data center up and running.

MEP systems constitute as much as 70 % of what it costs to have a data center up and running.

Marcus Karlsson, Managing Director of Granlund Sweden AB

Dedication means experience and expertise from different types of data centers: from greenfield to brownfield sites and co-location with huge data processing capacity to a more compact small-scale solution. Granlund’s Uptime Institute accredited professionals keep their expertise up to date by working on a vast scale of data centers and training regularly.

Dedication also signifies deep-seated focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. It means using the best practices and advanced innovations to reduce energy usage and emissions when it comes to cooling and operating the data center.

Granlund Sweden’s services

As part of Granlund Group, we have the largest data center consultation, design, and project management resources in the Nordics at your disposal.

  • Site development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data center design
  • Cost analysis
  • MEP and architectural design
  • Project management
  • Energy and environmental solutions
  • Construction management
  • Tele and security design
  • Commissioning and training

2. Scope of services matching your data center needs

“The risk becomes too high when relying on just one or two key partners”. A familiar statement that is worth noting. At the same time, the more moving part(ner)s there are, the more coordination is needed, and more coordination increases the odds for miscommunication and redundant work.

Long-term partnerships where both parties invest in finding future-proof solutions, tend to be more mutually beneficial and sustainable. A dedicated key partner makes sure that everyone stays on track and on time with the same expectations and goals. Starting with conceptual design, cost analysis and feasibility studies and continuing with detail design and construction follow-up management to finally performing commissioning, personnel training, and life-cycle management.

Case Ember Data Center

With redundancy N +1 including electricity, cooling, and fire safety, the new Ember co-location Data Center in Sweden serves both retail and wholesale customers. We helped Ember in creating a pre-start concept design and cost analysis.

We handled the procurement of contractors and suppliers, and coordinated installations plus managed the commissioning and testing. We were also responsible for HVAC, electrical, automation, tele and security design as well as project and construction management. And the work together continues.

By 2025 every new Swedish data center is required to reuse their waste heat.

Marcus Karlsson, Managing Director of Granlund Sweden AB

3. Suitable resources and local industry knowledge

Choosing a partner with sufficient resources eliminates your risk. You don’t have to worry about sliding time plans due to lack of resources or competence even if the project increases in size or complexity.

Data centers are also a highly regulated industry with local design standards and building codes. Having a local partner that knows these by heart, helps you focus on your data center business and especially your customers.

For example, by 2025 every new Swedish data center is required to reuse their waste heat. This means more data centers connected to district heating networks and warming local homes and businesses.

Want to discuss more?

Do you agree with my top 3 list of things of to consider when choosing a data center design and consultation partner?

I look forward to Datacenter Forum Stockholm on December 7 and having interesting discussions about the present and future of data centers.

Marcus Karlsson, Granlund Sweden

Marcus Karlsson

Managing Director
Granlund Sweden AB

Visiting Datacenter Forum Stockholm in December?

Come and chat with us on 7 December 2023 at the Filadelfia Convention Center. All you need is a free registration. More information and online registration at the event website.

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