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Invoicing instructions

Invoicing instructions

Invoicing instructions

Dear Partner,

We hope that you will send your invoice to the Granlund Group primarily as an e-invoice. Electronic invoicing enables the timely processing of your invoices and helps save the environment.

The following information must be clearly displayed on the invoice:

  • Vendor’s official name and business ID
  • Bank account in IBAN format and BIC/(SWIFT) code
  • Service/item delivery date
  • Tax rate
  • Where applicable, indication that sales are exempt from tax
  • The acquiring company’s official name and business ID
  • If the acquiring company has more than one office, an indication of where the invoice is targeted (e.g. in the invoicing address)
  • Name of client of product/service
  • Cost centre, project, or sub-project code (this section applies to project invoices only)
  • Other additional information provided when ordering

Please note our payment term, which is at least 30 days.

E-invoice addresses

The list of Granlund Group’s e-invoicing addresses can be found below.

Invoice via e-mail

The primary method of sending invoices is an e-invoice. If necessary, you can also send invoices in PDF format. You can find the e-mail addresses below. Invoices are sent to the service in PDF format and the attachments to the invoice must be in the same file as the invoice itself. If your e-mail has more information in the body of the text, please add as a cc

Paper invoices

In principle, we do not accept paper invoices and may return them to the sender.

Payment reminders

Any payment reminders should be sent by e-mail to or to the invoiced company’s official office. You can check the office-specific addresses on our website at

Further information:  

Granlund Group, purchase invoice reception channels

E-invoice operator: Basware. Operator code: BAWCFI22.