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Conditions in Elisa’s facilities ensured through digital facility services

Conditions in Elisa’s facilities ensured through digital facility services

1.3.2019 – Elisa has been recognised as a good employer, and wants to ensure it is a good place to work in. The aim is to make coming to work as tempting as working from home.


Granlund has helped telecommunications company Elisa develop a modern way of managing the conditions in its facilities together with the property owner. Using the Granlund Manager software and Digital facility services, the wellbeing of the users of the facilities can be actively ensured every day.

Elisa was chosen one of the best workplaces in the Great Place to Work organisation’s survey again this year. The company also received the Finland’s quality award recently. The opportunities of flexible working, which is also supported by the facilities, has been an essential factor in the success.

As a forerunner of facility management, Elisa wants to develop ‘Smart Workplace’ environments and their real-time condition management using Granlund’s Digital facility services.

‘All of our facilities in the Helsinki region already use digital condition monitoring and management. In the future, Granlund’s services will be utilised in all of Elisa’s facilities. The effects will be felt in the everyday life of over 4,000 employees,’ says Elisa’s Facility Manager Ari Saarinen.

The digital services aim to improve the conditions in the facilities and reduce the amount of service notifications filed by the users of the facilities. The objective is to solve any deficiencies automatically before the users even experience any deterioration in their conditions.

‘The number of service tickets has already decreased,’ Saarinen says. He is eagerly waiting to see how the condition management can be developed further as the observation of the cause and effect chain is improved using new data. This means that a deviating carbon dioxide content or temperature curve could define a fault in a certain device, for example.

Digital condition management improves working environments

Elisa has compiled large amounts of condition data from its facilities for years.

‘The act of compiling data alone will only take you so far, which is why, together with Elisa, we have considered how the data compiled from the properties could be utilised more extensively in facility management,’ says Group Manager for Digital property services Mika Virkki from Granlund.

One clear reform is to start actively using the data and develop any problematic areas effectively towards an objective. ‘Reporting shows the solutions, not so much the problems. This will allow us to allocate our resources in more detail.’

Elisa is hoping to analyse measurable data even further, because doing so will enable developing new services for the users of the facilities.

‘We feel it is important to instruct the users of the facilities, manage the facility environment, and guide the work of subcontractors,’ Saarinen emphasises.

We feel it is important to instruct the users of the facilities, manage the facility environment, and guide the work of subcontractors.

Facility Manager Ari Saarinen.

The Granlund Manager software integrated into Elisa’s IoT system

Last year, Elisa published a Route planner application for its employees on the internal IoT platform, and the Granlund Manager software was integrated into the application. Employees can find a suitable free space for their work quickly and view the conditions of the space using the application.

‘We want to make the working environment in our multi-space facilities so excellent that coming to work feels as tempting as working from home,’ Saarinen says.

‘Thanks to our cooperation with Granlund, we can now analyse the condition and energy consumption information in our facilities automatically in Granlund Manager, and show the selected information in the Route planner application.’

Granlund’s experts must also ensure that the conditions meet the required definitions, and that information of any deficiencies is conveyed to maintenance. Saarinen believes that the conditions of work facilities will be subjected to increasing expectations, and that the amount of measurable factors will increase in the future.

‘It will also be important to be able to control the overall feeling in the facilities using the parameters acquired from the measured data. As the cross-comparison of new factors increases, we will gain even more advantages from the data.’

Property owners interested in the same condition data

The owners of the facilities rented by Elisa are another party to the discussion. They are interested in the same things as the users of the facilities.

‘Being able to point out the condition information of the property to the owners using the same data is great, and it helps the owners to monitor and analyse the functionality of maintenance and to allocate any repairs to the right place in their long-term plans,’ Saarinen notes.

He also considers being able to affect the energy efficiency of properties using digital monitoring an important feature. ‘Excessive heating and unnecessary cooling of facilities can be avoided, and the energy consumption of empty spaces decreased.’

Excessive heating and unnecessary cooling of facilities can be avoided, and the energy consumption of empty spaces decreased.

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