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Energy recycling system finds international success

Energy recycling system finds international success

23.11.2020 – Solution designed for K Group awarded by the European Heat Pump Association


The energy recycling system designed by Granlund for K Group has won an award in the annual contest of the European Heat Pump Association for the most efficient, smart and sustainable heat pump solutions of the year. There are four categories and Granlund was a co-winner alongside Gebwell and Tom Allen Senera in the category Next Generation Heat Pump.

The annual contest was launched in 2011, with candidates from all over Europe. This year, the jury received a total of 32 entries. The energy recycling system was particularly praised for its innovativeness and its scalability for grocery stores of various sizes. The jury also emphasised the energy efficiency and low-carbon approach of the solution.

The energy recycling system makes it possible to cut back the heat consumption of a building by up to 85–90%. In practice, the system uses the waste heat of the property, harnessing it to produce energy for the heating and cooling systems. In K Group, the system has already been installed in 13 commercial properties and, in the next 10 years, it will be introduced to more than 60 K-Citymarkets, 130 K-Supermarkets and 15 Kespro cash-and-carry outlets.  The innovation will make the heating of grocery store buildings nearly energy neutral as the condensate heat created as a by-product of cooling is used to heat the property.

“We’re very glad to receive international recognition for the energy recycling system. The system is genuinely scalable and efficient and we have started to extend its use from grocery stores to industry and office buildings as well,” says the designer of the idea, Technology Director Tuomo Niemelä, who is in charge of energy solutions at Granlund.

A year ago, the solution won the Energy Genius award of Motiva together with K Group.  

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Tuomo Niemelä

Department Director, Energy
Granlund Oy

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