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Launch your career at Granlund during your studies

Start your career at Granlund as an intern or hourly employee, write your thesis while working for us and progress to a permanent position straight after your graduation. We give you the opportunity to become a construction, MEP design or software professional safely, supported by experts in the field.

Ensure a safe start to your career at Granlund while you are still a student

At Granlund, you are part of the team right from day one.

I feel that my boss appreciates my work, even though I am still a beginner compared to my more experienced colleagues.

Veera Varis, Civil Engineer and Information Management student

Have you got skills in the following areas?

Our employer value proposition:

You will be heard

We always have someone to ask. We will listen to your views and we want to make sure that you are able to do your job in meaningful manner. Our company is owned by its employees and work is carried out without any unnecessary fuss.

Growing into a professional

We offer training programmes for interns, and you can learn from experienced veterans. We will help you with writing your thesis: our mutual goal is permanent employment once you have graduated.

You get to try different things

We are curious and constantly looking for new, better solutions. We value our students’ fresh viewpoints and innovative suggestions.

Interested in working on your thesis at Granlund?

Dozens of theses are written at Granlund each year. We are extremely proud of them all and each year we reward the best theses.

Theses form an important part of our innovation and development activities. Therefore, our general policy is that you get paid for carrying out a thesis for us.

Granlund Oy has its own Young Management Team

In the spring of 2019, we got an idea: what could Granlund do to better listen to young experts? Why couldn’t Granlund have its own team of young experts to provide feedback on common issues?

Our industry is going through constant change, and we believe that young experts are more able to master new innovations and methods.

The idea of the Young Management Team is to introduce the views of those who have recently entered the field. Young employees’ knowledge and mastery of modern technologies benefit our company, which is heavily reliant on innovations.

To give everyone an equal chance to influence, memberships in the Young Management Team are for a fixed term. For instance, someone under the age of 40 who has recently joined the industry is a good representative of the Young Management Team.

There is no need to be nervous about the internship, doing is the best exercise!

Tuomas Laukkanen, HVAC design trainee

How do we support you at the beginning of your Granlund career?

At Granlund, you don’t have to jump in at the deep end

An experienced mentor or sponsor will help you get your career off the ground. Eveliina Vesalainen and Antti Akselin are training to become project managers in Granlund’s mentor programme under the guidance of an experience colleague.

“When I wake up in the morning, I always look forward to going to work”

The best summer internships give much to both the intern and the employer. You don’t have to worry about boring repetitive tasks. We encourage you to take your ideas forward. At Granlund, many interns go on to become permanent employees later on.

At Granlund, employees are heard and ideas for improvement are genuinely welcome.

Noora Pulli, HVAC expert

Granlund’s Career Tree and Training Tree models make it easier to build your career

Career Tree

Granlund wants to enable everyone to have a rewarding career. Because different people take a different approach to career development, Granlund’s Career Tree lets you climb up or from branch to branch, whatever suits you best. This means that we enable you to develop in many different directions as an expert, gaining brand new perspectives by performing different roles. A wide range of skills is a richness to us as well as all of our employees.

The branches of our Career Tree include design, construction management and supervision, consulting, software and innovations. For example, we can offer building service professionals work in all of these functions. Not everyone wants to be a supervisor; some prefer to specialise in expert work that they find interesting.

If you are interested in progressing to a supervisory role, our Career Tree includes branches for it. Our typical titles include intern, designer, expert, consultant, project manager, senior expert, team manager and manager.

Training Tree

We want to encourage everyone working for us to maintain their skills through diverse training, and our training calendar is comprehensive.

  • Training for interns: Once you have completed Granlund’s starting path, you have an understanding of Granlund’s general operating models, the topical issues of your field as well as the essential required workflows of your role.
  • Expert training: You will receive training to help your development as an expert – from a junior expert to a senior one. Plan the best development path for you together with your supervisor, taking advantage both of Granlund’s internal training options and external training options.
  • Daily life of a manager: This training package comprises a wide range of tools for developing the skills of the Granlund employees performing managerial roles at different stages of their careers. You can plan the best development path for you together with your supervisor. There are both Granlund’s internal and external training options available.
  • Training for a supervisory role: Granlund supports supervisors, helps them develop in their duties and builds a consistent management culture with an emphasis on coaching through comprehensive training options.

Play the game and act as the real estate manager of the Finnish Pavilion

How would you fare as a property manager? When the temperature in your property rises and complaints about the heat start, which solution would you choose? And how would your choices affect the environment? Test your skills by playing Granlund’s property management game!

Open positions

We offer diverse career paths, also for younger scientists.

Responsible Summer Jobs

This year, we are once again participating in the Responsible Summer Job campaign, where we commit ourselves to the principles of good summer work. These principles include meaningful work, fair pay and a good application experience. Granlund has always received good reviews from its interns. The results of the latest Responsible Summer Job Survey (2023) included:

  • We ranked in the top 10 of 1000plus organisations, being the only real estate and construction consultancy in the category.
  • Overall satisfaction with the summer job experience at Granlund received a top score of 4.54 on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • 100% of interns would recommend us to a friend.
  • Fairness and equity scored highly (4.62/5) and interns also felt able to give feedback to the employer themselves.
  • The trainees felt that they were listened to and that they had a very strong influence on their work (4.62/5).

Tuudo Recruitment Fair 2024 TOP10 employers

Granlund was ranked the third most liked employer in a virtual recruitment event with 75 000 students.

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