Data Centers

Best data center expertise in the Nordic countries

Granlund has the most extensive experience in data center planning in the Nordic countries. Our Data Centers Team offers comprehensive data center services that include everything from consultancy to project management.

Extensive expertise in the technical building services of data centers

We offer extensive technical building services for data centers, including HVAC design, automation, cooling and fire prevention. Our experienced team can support you through the entire process, from designing the concept to commissioning and maintenance. Our consultants are responsible for project management and environmental assessments. A large-scale data center project could include up to 100 Granlund experts.

Reliability with less energy

Finland is an ideal location for data centers thanks to its optimal climate, stable society and extensive expertise. Our data center designers are experts with international experience, accredited by, for example, the UPTIME institute. We ensure the energy efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness of both new and renovated data centers.

Digital tools for data center service and maintenance

As the reliable operation of data centers requires constant renewal, we participate actively in pilot projects in the field, such as in the development of autonomic data centers. We are also active in international standardisation working groups and data center networks. We use Revit for building information modelling and Granlund Manager for property maintenance. Long-term planning and the auditing of operations are also available with mobile applications.

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