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Granlund Sweden plays big role in data center business

Granlund Sweden plays big role in data center business

11.4.2022 – A team of ten engineers is shaping the future of data center design. Now Granlund Sweden has plans to expand.

Data and digitalisation

Granlund Sweden specializes in data center design, which is a globally growing industry. Nearly five billion people around the world use the internet, and the number is rising. Data centers enable fast connections and future development.

“Many tech companies are taking their capacity to the extreme, and the infrastructure is taking shape and expanding in every country, Sweden included. That’s why we need a local company to focus on data center design”, says electrical design engineer Nils Edvinsson.

Growth is in the horizon

Edvinsson is one of the ten engineers working for Granlund Sweden. Established in 2020, the company is an important player in the market with major international clients and plans for growth.

“In the next few years we intend to hire 50 or more professional. This allows us to strengthen our position in Sweden, and to expand to other markets such as Norway and Denmark,” says Granlund Sweden’s Managing Director Marcus Karlsson.

In the next few years we intend to hire 50 or more professional.

Marcus Karlsson, Managing Director, Granlund Sweden

Granlund Sweden was originally established in Lidköping, but a few of the employees are based in Stockholm. “It is nice to be back at the office but the pandemic proved that it is easier to work remotely than we thought. We can still work from home when needed,” Edvinsson says.

The data center industry is fast-evolving

It is not uncommon that engineers sit with their laptops all day long but a big part of the job at Granlund is about working with clients and colleagues, which is why social skills are needed. Trust and transparency are considered key values, and professional ambition is encouraged.

“We work on assignments that really stretch you. We are not afraid to grab opportunities,” Karlsson says.

For some employees traveling forms a big part of their job. Mechanical engineer Ulrika Millqvist has been working on site two days a week throughout the pandemic. Her previous experience is in the gas and oil industry.

“Data center is the future and it is exciting to be part of that development. I am the only female in the office but as an engineer I’m used to that. We have fun together and we rely on each other and of course we have to deliver and do the job,” she says.

Working in this business area is very rewarding because it is such a developing industry, and we work with some of the biggest and most exciting tech companies.

Nils Edvinsson, electrical design engineer, Granlund Sweden

While experience in data center design is hugely valued, there is also need for talent in other Granlund’s fields of engineering including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, piping, and cooling. Most of the communications in the company is in English, so fluency in the language is a must.

“Working in this business area is very rewarding because it is such a developing industry, and we work with some of the biggest and most exciting tech companies. There are endless opportunities if you can learn to work in this area”, Edvinsson concludes.

Granlund Sweden

Granlund Sweden AB is part of Granlund Group, an employer of over 1200 specialists in business areas including MEP design, property management services and software, energy, environmental and real estate sector consulting, construction management and supervision, and building management.

Want to know more about Granlund Sweden?

Marcus Karlsson, Granlund Sweden

Marcus Karlsson

Managing Director
Granlund Sweden AB

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