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Smart Alerts

Granlund Manager Smart Alerts

Minimize the number of unnecessary alarms, stay ahead of the curve, and maximize savings in energy consumption. Granlund Manager Smart Alerts is an AI feature that generates only valid alerts.

Do essential deviations get lost in a large mass?

Today, technical systems in buildings generate a massive amount of alerts. Do you have time to respond to all the different alerts coming from various systems? Does it seem like the maintenance staff has become immune to them?

Deviations and the root cause of the resulting alarms are mostly unclear, temporary and often due to deviation management not taking into account changes in operations at sites. Truly meaningful anomalies can be drowned out by a large mass of alerts of varying levels.

No one responsible for property maintenance should lose sleep or receive a hundred-line alarm list simply because there are office parties going on in the building late into the evening. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow anyway.

Granlund Manager’s Smart Alerts only responds to deviations that appear to be persistent.

Only valid alerts

Granlund Manager’s Smart Alerts tracks building energy data more intelligently and only responds to deviations that appear to be persistent. It predicts the property’s energy consumption based on historical data and knows what an acceptable range is considering the current outdoor temperature.

Granlund Manager’s Smart Alerts provide you with useful insights that enable the optimization of maintenance worklists without overwhelming professionals with unnecessary alarms. Alarms come only when action is truly necessary.

Based on alarm opriority

Smart Alerts are divided into two categories, with the higher-priority weekly alert being not only significant in impact but also long-lasting.

A daily alarm, on the other hand, arises when a problem situation has been ongoing for three consecutive days.

Upon receiving an alert, a property management professional can assess what actions should be taken in maintenance.

Removing manual work from agendas

Using Smart Alerts, you can review the entire property portfolio and see which buildings are generating the most serious alerts.

If you’re interested in TOP 10 lists, you can easily see the top-performing properties and quickly identify those with the most issues.

By following the data, it’s easier to draw conclusions about which property needs closer examination.

Do you have time to respond to all the different alerts coming from various systems?

Granlund Manager AI Features


Topi Korpela

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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