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Tauno Hyvärinen, Lead Developer

Tauno Hyvärinen, Lead Developer

Lead Developer Tauno Hyvärinen is developing an artificial intelligence application for energy directly in the Microsoft Azure cloud. In his work, he receives support not only from his own team, but also from the innovation department and the data office.

Lead Developer Tauno does pioneering work with Granlund Manager

This year, Granlund’s Lead Developer Tauno Hyvärinen and his team have been busy with the innovative development of an energy AI application directly in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“Last year, I was already aware of our upcoming development project focused on the cloud implementation of the Energia AI application. To prepare for the project, I got certified for AZ-900, DP-900, AI-900 and AI-102. At the same time, I was already paving the way for the upcoming project by designing architecture, writing down AI algorithms suitable for us and thinking about the best approach,” Tauno says.

From the very beginning, the idea was to prepare two microservices: one for buildings, energy consumption and artificial intelligence, and one that manages weather data, such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and wind data. The weather data can also be used by our other units and development teams.

Software development is not carried out with a silo mentality

The project driven by the development team has brought different Granlund teams and units closer together.

“Our development team does the spade work and executes the project. Product management lays out the path for our work and assumes overall responsibility for our projects,” says Tauno.

“And then, of course, we have the Granlund Manager team with whom we live in near-symbiosis. We have no organisational boundaries in our work. In total, we have almost 30 experts working in software development.”

I am particularly inspired by the opportunity to do something completely new in my work. The development of Granlund Manager is pioneering work in our field.

Tauno Hyvärinen, Lead Developer, Granlund

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Data and software development at Granlund

We offer diverse real estate data tasks for data and software development professionals. For example, we are developing Granlund Manager, the most popular real estate software in Finland. It saves energy, time and money across tens of thousands of properties while mitigating climate change. Thanks to our work, real estate data flows seamlessly between different systems.

Support from Innovation Department and Data Office

Granlund Manager is the most popular property maintenance process and information management software in Finland.

For years, Granlund has been at the forefront of improving the productivity of the real estate and construction sector with the help of data and digitalisation.

Our Data Office has also helped me in my work. Coding services in Azure and then running and managing them there are two entirely different things.

Tauno Hyvärinen, Lead Developer, Granlund

Although all Granlund employees participate in Granlund’s innovation and development activities, Granlund also has its own Innovation Department with a multinational team of more than 10 people.

“Our Innovation Department has been developing the MLOps system and thinking about solutions to challenges that we would also come across. I suggested that we implement it in our Energia AI project. This would help us develop building-specific and commodity-specific models as the same algorithms don’t work in different circumstances. This resulted in a cooperation project that includes two developers from my team,” says Tauno.

Pros of in-house software development

Tauno started working as Lead Developer for Granlund in December 2018. In developing software for real estate professionals, he has also been able to take advantage of his background in the construction sector.

“I am particularly inspired by the opportunity to do something completely new in my work. The development of Granlund Manager is pioneering work in our field,” says Tauno.

According to Tauno, Granlund has succeeded in eliminating unnecessary manual work through automation.

In our team, I get to focus on my core tasks. We also have excellent software development processes. Granlund has really invested in their development.

Tauno Hyvärinen, Lead Developer, Granlund

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