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Current innovation projects

Current innovation projects

We have several projects ongoing with research institutes and other companies. Below are some examples of our current projects that are funded by EU or Business Finland.


Industrial Machine Learning for Enterprises (IML4E) project concentrates on software tools and methods making the development and operation of machine learning-based smart software more efficient, scalable and manageable and ML-based smart products and smart services more reliable, safe and trustworthy.

Granlund’s goal in the IML4E project is to advance our machine learning development and operation process and transform our service offering from reporting past events to predicting the future.

Contact persons for IML4E at Granlund

Heikki Ihasalo

Technology Director
Granlund Group


Mad@Work project aims at a major breakthrough in the development of software intense applications that combine multiple heterogeneous environmental and/ or wearable data sources into actionable information for improving employees’ wellbeing, engagement and performance.

In the project, Granlund aim is to improve understanding of occupant-building relationships regarding energy consumption, indoor air quality and space usage using various data provided by building management system or IoT systems.

Contact persons for Mad@Work at Granlund

Davor Stjelja

Granlund Oy


This project targets to develop sustainable solutions by innovative heat production, transmission and distribution optimization technologies in district heating and cooling (DHC) systems. These solutions are based on hybrid energy systems using renewable energies, large scale digital twins and high-performance operation control. The development is done in collaboration with Chinese (2 companies and 4 research organisations) and Finnish (1 company and 1 research organisation) partners.

Granlund’s development work focuses on development of energy and sustainability consultancy for hybrid energy systems and buildings in large scale neighbourhoods. Granlund’s already extensive knowledge on simulation and optimization, will be enhanced for larger areas and for the whole life cycle.

Contact persons for DHC-Hybrid at Granlund

Tuomas Laine

Director, Innovation and Development
Granlund Oy


The E3, Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions Co-Innovation project is one of the largest joint projects between companies and research institutes ever funded by Business Finland. The goal of the project is to find research-based solutions to prevent the spreading of different viruses. 

Granlund’s goal is to develop new smart and modular pandemic safe solutions for healthcare. This includes effective and innovative concept for smart modular, scalable and movable healthcare concept, EPCM (Engineering Procurement and Construction Management contract) based models for new constructions and renovations, safe and digital operation in healthcare and solutions for different type of modular hospital spaces.

Contact persons for E3 at Granlund

Tuomas Laine

Director, Innovation and Development
Granlund Oy

Jukka Vasara

Vice President
Granlund Oy
data center


Project aim is to research and demonstrate of model-based dispatching of multi-carrier energy system in Industrial Parks.

In this project Granlund aims at developing consultancy services for multi-carrier energy systems (MES) for industrial parks and data centers. Granlund’s already extensive knowledge on optimization will be enhanced for industrial parks. Granlund tools such as digital twin and facility management software Granlund Manager are developed to support industrial parks and multi-carrier energy systems.

Contact persons for MES-China at Granlund

Fransisco Forns-Samso

Senior Consultant / Regional Manager Latin America
Granlund Oy

Tuomas Laine

Director, Innovation and Development
Granlund Oy