Hospital design

Finnish market leader in hospital design

Granlund is the leading hospital design company in Finland, and we have served almost all of Finland’s hospital districts throughout our 60 year history. Our 150 hospital designers develop Finnish healthcare with a focus on human wellbeing.

Hospital design requires cooperation

Our hospital design covers all the technical building services, including all areas of special expertise. Our designers are familiar with the properties, practices, equipment and hygiene and safety requirements of the healthcare sector. Ultimately, hospital design is functional design, which requires seamless cooperation with property users.

Modern digital hospitals open up new opportunities

In hospitals, digitalisation can improve the services provided to patients and the wellbeing of people, in addition to minimising errors. In the design of digital hospitals, we pay particular attention to smooth care pathways, good indoor conditions and daily work. We ensure energy efficient design solutions and the interoperability of different systems through 3D models and BIMs, VR technology and diverse simulations. 

Hospital designers develop the healthcare of the future

Granlund’s extensive expertise is not only based on experience but also our status as a bold pioneer in the field. We represent Finland in a European working group that standardises ventilation in hospitals, which allows us to take future requirements into account in our current designs. We also provide our customers with the latest operating models, from smart Inoroom operating rooms to Lean consultancy.

Granlund’s hospital design services:

  • AV design (clinical spaces, auditoriums)
  • Digital services
  • Special design services (pneumatic mail, laundry and waste management reviews)
  • Consultancy services (Lean, workshop facilitation, cost calculation, various surveys)
  • Validation measurements of operating rooms
  • Cleanroom design (GMP-compliant spaces, special premises)
  • Robotic systems
  • Catering and kitchen design
  • Medical equipment design (fixed and mobile)
  • Building automation design (HVAC and electrical systems, gas and clean water systems)
  • Functional design (logistics, ergonomics, Lean methods)

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