Digital property services

Ensuring efficient technical building services

Digital property services are used to manage the Big Data produced by automation and technical building services. Virtual properties offer a way of making data available to maintenance and other property users in real time.

Property functioning services

In property functioning services, we set the goals and the related parameters realistically and in cooperation with the customer. After this, the digital system monitors compliance with the set targets. Our experts analyse the results and control the systems and maintenance so that energy efficiency improves and the property functions optimally. Instead of simply measuring things, we correct them.

Smarter service

The primary maintenance problems in technical building services are lack of time and expertise and adherence to the same maintenance programme in all properties, regardless of their condition. Smart service ensures that the maintenance of your property is based on information provided by metrics, analytics and AI. Knowing the characteristics and principles of the property enables sensible and appropriate maintenance planning.

Developing building automation in smart properties

Granlund’s building automation experts ensure efficient building automation and its development through digital services, such as remote control and user friendliness analysis tools. Smart buildings enable smarter maintenance where all the relevant information from the location of individual components to comprehensive service instructions is available in the same BIM model: the virtual property.

Granlund’s digital property services

  • Analysis tools and software 
  • The management and processing of big data
  • Granlund Manager Mobile 
  • User satisfaction analysis tools 
  • Metrics and artificial intelligence (VR and AR)
  • Analysis tools for condition monitoring
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Revit-based building information models
  • Smart service for appropriate maintenance
  • Property functioning services
  • Developing virtual properties (digital twins)
  • Audio and remote control

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